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Power Deadcember Workout



Hopefully you are starting to see a theme with our Deadcember workouts. That is the best way to sometimes improve an exercise is not to just work on the exercise itself, but to build qualities of the body that make up the exercise. In our previous post (you can read HERE) we discussed why the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Bear Hug Squat could do so much for your deadlift. Not just raise your strength, but also improve your overall mobility. I really hope that you have tried it because when you have simple things that can be so powerful, they should be a mainstay!

Today’s Deadcember workout comes from the great mind of DVRT Master, James Newman. You have seen James’ workouts before and they are always a great representation of what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is REALLY all about! 


James has helped real people get so many incredible results at his facility Quest Fitness in Guilford, CT!

I thought James’ workout really fit our Deadcember theme so perfectly even though there are NO deadlifts! How could that be! There are several incredibly smart things that make this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout a power house for your deadlift training. 

Off-Set Drop Lunge to Balance

Drop lunging by itself has a lot of the same qualities as a deadlift, especially if you pause in the bottom position.By pausing in the bottom you have both exercises that begin with hip flexion and move to hip extension. That relies a TON on the glutes and hamstrings, but because of the movement of the lunge we really tap on the stability of the hip and core as well! Even more of a bonus.

So, what does THIS lunge variation offer? We get a cool twist on the classic Thruster exercise (squat and press) so you heart rate will probably get jacked up FAST. The off-set position of the Ultimate Sandbag works in conjunction with the lunge to create a cross pattern. The same natural movement that make people love exercises like crawling to improve movement efficiency. It also challenges the lunge even MORE in all three planes of motion. 

Using the “balance” motion from our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system we really get to reinforce FULL extension of the hip which is so important in the deadlift. In order to stabilize the body you must push through the ground, keep the core tight, and lock the hip into place. 

Crossover Step Row to High Pull

Right off the bat, by putting in a row we have balance of pushing and pulling. This is extremely important in making sure our body has equal balance. Yet, the crossover step really serves two great functions. The first is that you will notice the row becomes brand new because of the use of this unique body position. We want to develop strength in all angles and positions. Second, we get more glute medius out of this hip hinge motion. So?!

The glute medius, allows us to make our deadlift strength actually come to life. Spine experts like, Dr. Stuart McGill, have stated numerous times that lateral strength in key muscles like the glute medius actually is what helps make our low backs more resilient. 

The High Pull component gives us power and teaches acceleration and deceleration in a dynamic movement like the Crossover step. As I just mentioned, we want to be strong and powerful not just up and down, but when we combine our work in more real life motions. 


One of my absolute favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills! The combination of a kettlebell swing, lift/chop, transverse plane motion, there is SO many things to like about Shoveling. For the last decade the kettlebell swing has been said to really help powerlifters’ deadlifts because of the large eccentric forces (the ones coming down on the body) and the power of the hips. 

Now, if we take that idea and move it into Shoveling, we not get all those great concepts of the kettlebell swing, but so much more! 

Of course there is only one thing left to do…hit this workout on a great Saturday and have your Deadcember month continue to get strong and stronger!