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Power Your Training with THIS DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercise

Power Your Training with THIS DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercise

 Over the weekend someone asked us a simple, but profound question…

“You never show what those other handles on the Ultimate Sandbag are for, why not?”

After I thought about it, you know, they were pretty right! We haven’t shown a lot what those handles are all about ENOUGH! 

What handles?

They are called our Snatch Grip Handles. As you may guess the are predominately used for snatching, but they also can be used for Rows and yes, even Biceps Curls. Believe it or not they actually make Biceps Curls a pretty bad ass drill, but that is a post for another time!

ultimate sandbag training

Because of the distance of the handles to the actual weight of the Ultimate Sandbag you get a fuller range of motion training for the arms and a lot of work for the core!

The MAJOR point though is to Snatch! Yes, I realize that it is a funny named exercise, in fact, I can’t tell you WHY it has this name. 

Some swoon and awe of the Snatch with the barbell. Maybe it makes them feel close to the Olympics because it does come from the sport of Olympic lifting. 

We like it because it is a very dynamic lift that shows explosiveness, mobility, and joint stability in the upper body and core. 

In DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training the Snatch represents another holding position, that means we have to prep our bodies for this explosive action. We focus on a lot of other drills because it is easy to get wowed by the athleticism of the Snatch and want to hit it hard! The truth is you need to build upper body strength and stability. Not because you lift with the upper body, but it does absorb a lot of the force of the weight coming into place. 

That is why Clean and Presses, Arc Presses, Around the Worlds and other DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills are so important in prepping the body. 

Then we need to learn how to plan quickly. We start with a strong plank and then have to quickly relax to move and then plank to receive the weight. Again, using Lateral Drags, Front Loaded Squats, Press Outs, even Rows will help build that plank in all types of positions. 

Of course we need POWER!  A lot of people are not sure what developing real power is like. That is where drills like Deadlifts, High Pulls, Cleans, Shouldering, and more come into play. Since these DVRT drills don’t require the distance to go as far or stress the shoulders as much, they are great in understanding the direction of the weight. 

Once you do though you can create a very unique movement in the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Snatch. Like many other exercises, we Snatch, but we do so much MORE!

Make sure to check out today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video to see how!

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