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Powerful Total Body Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

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Sometimes it is best to not just talk about all the ways we can use DVRT to create powerful total body workouts, but show you he pieces being put together. That is why today we are going to do just that in these 3 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. Let’s get started!


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Using Ultimate Sandbag workouts like Coach Cari Satre is a great example of slowly building into using other planes of motion and levels of instability into our training. Why do we want to do this? Using these methods helps train muscles that usually get ignored and build coordination in our movement that helps build better real world strength and injury resilience.


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Coach Johnny Rhodes helps us demonstrate how we integrate kettlebells with our Ultimate Sandbag workouts. This isn’t just combining two tools to do something different, but they help us build better progressions and advancing our movements in better ways. We can use these tools to train the body to resist forces that help us learn how to produce and resist force in ways that make our workouts so much more effective.

Below you can see how Coach Robin Paget puts together a very dynamic version of our Ultimate Sandbag workouts. This isn’t about being different, but really understanding how much our DVRT functional training allows us to teach in the form of real world strength. Learning to be strong in different environments and optimizing the benefits of great tools allows anyone to really gain mobility, stability, strength, power, and conditioning. Ultimate Sandbag workouts can be done by themselves or if used with great purpose other tools that fit right into our DVRT system.

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