Nourish To Flourish Blueprint For Real Success


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Any training goal relies on one constant, you need to have a good nutritional plan! However, it can be more confusing than ever what type of nutritional plan will work! Everything promises to be the real “secret” to success and vilifies any other form of eating. So, what is the truth? Is one diet plan better than another for building muscle, or losing body fat, or just having more energy to do the things in life you love?

That is why we asked dietitian and fitness coach, Megan Berner, to answer these questions. What she did was so much more! This Nourish To Flourish Blueprint For Nutritional Success program addresses so many of the questions and problems that haunt many well intended fitness and health programs. Megan breaks down the most common mistakes people make and helps educate on what the science REALLY says matters in getting more fit and healthier.

Plus, Megan addresses how really success is both the habits and behaviors we create as well as understanding how to really feed our body correctly. That is why this program doesn’t just address what macros you need, or if carbs are really bad or not, but delves much deeper into the mental part of understanding how we should be eating as well. Together, this is an amazingly comprehensive program to help people really filter all the nonsense about nutrition and get a really true evidence based understanding of how to look and feel one’s best!

What Does This Program Contain?

-4 Video Lessons of Megan Breaking Down The Most Common Nutritional Mistakes and How To Develop Nutritional Success

-1 60 minute Q & A with Megan Addressing The Issues That Most Come Up With Trying To Navigate Nutritional Information

-Downloadable Workbook To Accompany The Video Lessons

-Easy Recipe E-book To Show How To Create Healthy & Delicious Meals


Any discussion of nutrition can cause a new potential best selling book, a viral and controversial video, and almost gets an emotional reaction by many who believe THEIR way of eating is the best. In other words, possibly more than training, nutrition is very polarizing! No wonder though as there have been so many claims that this or that diet is the BEST way to eat whether you want to lose bodyfat, gain lean muscle, or live longer. How in the world can we navigate through this mess?

Fortunately, our DVRT community is full of terrific experts that are highly trained in subjects related to nutrition. In fact, that is why we asked dietitian AND fitness coach, Megan Berner, to create a program that would help reduce the confusion and give honest, scientifically founded information about good nutrition for any goal. Since just about anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, we wanted to find someone who actually has been not only trained, but has done the clinical and scientific side of nutrition. As Megan will tell you, a nutritionist and a dietitian are quite different!


Megan was named top dietitian in her area of La Crosse Wisconsin

Being a fitness coach as well, Megan knows what it is like to combine good functional strength training and the way to fuel your body to look and feel its best. That is why this is such a unique program on so many levels. Megan focuses on the 10 most common mistakes people make in their nutritional programs, not just in the foods they eat, but understanding how to set forth the right behaviors and habits that will help your success. After all, most people know they should eat more lean proteins and vegetables, but HOW do we get ourselves and others to do so?

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This series of nutritional lessons and then going through a comprehensive Q & A will help you feel confident that you actually know how to be successful and help others do the same. Megan’s honesty about many of these topics being simple, but not easy, will help you also find comfort that this will be a process and we are meant to nourish both our minds and bodies with food. When we feel our best, the goals we have seem far more attainable. The Nourish To Flourish Blueprint For Nutritional Success program gives YOU the power to have both short and long-term success in your nutritional habits and avoid the yo-yo type of eating that plagues so many well meaning fitness programs.