Advanced Better Backs, Knees & Shoulders Training Program


Physical therapist Jessica Bento first came out with her “Better Backs, Knees, & Shoulders” program to help show people how they could both increase their fitness and achieve those goals while also helping improve chronic aches/pains in the most commonly problematic areas of the body. Showing how to progressively build the body and not only become leaner and stronger, but more resilient and mobile is what led to the 2.0 version of her program and the demand from our community to keep that progression into more advanced training workouts is what inspired her new program. Using the best functional training tools of kettlebells, bodyweight, resistance bands, suspension trainers, and of course our Ultimate Sandbags, Jessica has created a dynamic program that builds upon the great foundations to see how we can keep chasing greater goals of not just fitness, but overall health and longevity as well.

What’s In This Program:


-36 warm-ups to prepare the body for high quality workouts.


-36 progressive workouts to show how we build not just a better looking, but healthier and resilient body.


-Over 300 exercises that will help you better understand how our body works and what we can do to create better workouts.


-Video links of all exercises are provided for reference and checking one’s form.





Nothing stops a well intended fitness program like aches/pains and injury! Unfortunately, in my almost 20 years of being a physical therapist I have seen fitness enthusiasts, strength coaches, and fitness professionals all be limited and stopped by aches/pains and sadly, injury. That is what inspired me to create my first “Better Backs, Knees, & Shoulders” program. I wanted to show people that you could workout to move towards your fitness goals as well as help improve many of the problems that influence the 3 most impacted areas of the body.

The incredible response and success of the first program led to a 2.0 version which built upon those concepts and seeing how people wanted to keep progressing gave me the push to do a more advanced version of the “Better Backs, Knees, & Shoulders” program. What makes this program more advanced? For one, we continue to show how we keep the principles of what makes for healthier, stronger, and more mobile backs, knees, and shoulders in higher level forms of functional training exercises. We start with building up that base and continue into higher level movements.

better backs, knees, and shoulders workout program

This program integrates great functional training tools like kettlebells, gliders, suspension trainers, and Ultimate Sandbags not to just give you a ton of variety, but to show you how to maximize the unique benefits of each training tool. You will see how easy it is to put together a great training program that moves you to your fitness goals, but also creates a healthy and resilient body (which we all know isn’t always the same thing!).

I’ve also given you specific warm-ups to every workout. You will see how a thoughtful warm-up will not only prepare your body, but your mind to perform at a higher level, feel better, and enjoy your workouts significantly more. I show you what true stability training is all about and Josh helps me teach myofascial movements with breath work that will greatly enhance your mobility as well as your mindset heading into your training and daily life.

corrective exercise

I’m very proud of what this program can deliver people in so many different areas. We wanted to make this powerful, unique, and highly accessible and I believe we have achieved all these goals. Fitness should make your life better and I believe this program provides you the road map to doing exactly that!

sandbag workouts Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist

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