Better Backs, Knees & Shoulders COMBO


Two of the most dynamic corrective exercise programs that will change how you see not just functional fitness, but how proper corrective exercise can enhance every aspect of your training. With 18 months worth of training, these progressive workout programs show how to build the type of fitness and strength that will make you your best in and out of the gym! Don’t miss the opportunity to start feeling your best and learn from the almost 20 years of physical therapy and fitness experience by Jessica Bento!


What is better than one innovative training program that helps you learn how to not just be stronger, but also more resilient to injury and address struggles with chronic issues you may be having? That’s right! TWO dynamic corrective exercise programs by international presenter and physical therapist, Jessica Bento.

With over 18 months worth of great training, you will not just help your body feel its best, you will learn the holes that existed and prevented you from being your strongest and performing at your highest level. This isn’t the corrective exercise program that lives on the ground or you do a few planks or stability exercises. These are highly dynamic workout programs that show you how to move better while getting stronger and improving your functional fitness. The workouts you will see will change how you see training our bodies to be the best they can be while also feeling your best.

Jessica wants to make this program as accessible as possible so she focused on the most beneficial training tools that allow her to teach concepts of better stability, mobility, core training, and functional movement. You will see our Ultimate Sandbags, resistance bands, and gliders all used synergistically to allow anyone to turn their area into a powerful gym. Fitness and exercise should enhance how we move, live, feel, and perform, not be the reason we have struggle to live our best lives. Find out more in this great new dynamic program.