Burly Workouts for Real World Strength and Movement


Want to experience the unique and powerful impact that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can have on your functional fitness? DVRT Master Trainer, Cory Cripe, comes back to give us an amazing 3 month training program designed to be used with the larger Ultimate Sandbags such as our Strength and Burly Ultimate Sandbags! These 12 dynamic workouts are designed in a progressive manner to help you develop real world strength and movement. You will never look at functional strength training the same way again!


Our newest downloadable program focusing on the utilization of the larger Ultimate Sandbags like our Burly or Strength Packages. You will see that training with DVRT and heavier Ultimate Sandbags will build a type of strength that is hard to replicate. If you want to be better in the gym, or outside of the gym, this program is amazing for building true functional strength and better movement skills. We know life isn’t perfect, so why should the weights you use be?!

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