Complete DVRT Webinar Series


At DVRT we believe education leads to greater success in achieving our fitness goals. A lot of people workout, but few actually reach their goals because they think simply working hard is the answer. The idea of working smarter is really essential when it comes to seeing our fitness goals come to life. That is why we wanted to offer an awesome combination of 60 minute presentations that physical therapist, Jessica Bento and strength coach, Josh Henkin have given on topics that are some of the most popular in fitness.

-The Glute Truth: Understanding the science of glute function, why the hip thrust isn’t the most effective glute exercise, and what you should be doing.

-Foundations For Strong & Mobile Shoulders: People want a strong upper body, but they also don’t want to hurt. You don’t have to choose to go after either one. Learn how to build strong and more mobile shoulders.

-Myths Of Mobility Training: If we can’t move well, we are going to be challenged to load our body properly, build better muscle, and recover from our training more effectively.

-Do Knees Over Toes Build Better Knee Health?: One of the most popular ideas in building healthy knees hasn’t been examined well in the fitness industry. When you learn the science of knee health you will see what the answers actually are to strong knees and how to go about building better health and performance.

-Solving the Group Fitness Model: Group fitness is a model being used by top gyms all over the world? However, many struggle to provide a quality training experience in the group training model. Learn how to give a customized experience in group fitness and how to solve some of the most common challenges.

-Functional Training Programming Webinar: A lot of people use the term “functional training” without realizing what it really means and how it impacts our workouts. Find out why it is NOT about doing what we do in every day life and understand how it is a specific training method.


The best way to get results in the gym that also impact how you live outside of the gym is increasingly your understanding of how our body works! As we often say in DVRT, we can’t improve the function of something that if we don’t understand how it works. That is why we wanted an opportunity to get SIX of our top educational resources. These six 60 minute presentation on a wide of topics from some of the most popular and important topics as it relates to functional fitness. From developing better mobility, to healthy shoulders and knees, to how we develop programs that make a real difference. Don’t miss this great opportunity to raise your training game!