Does Knees Over Toes Build Healthy Knees Webinar


This 75 minute webinar has physical therapist, Jessica Bento and strength coach, Josh Henkin break down over 20 research studies on whether or not putting one’s knees over toes is actually a solution for building healthier knees. You will be surprised what the science REALLY says! Don’t worry, it isn’t just a lot of science, but examples of better ways to improve the areas of movement and the body that will greatly improve. We help you better understand this trendy topic and if it applies to you and your clients training!

Going through this webinar will empower you with the knowledge to really help people’s knee issues. Understanding the common causes, different types of knee injuries, contraindications, and what knees really need are covered in great detail!


For years it was said that if one’s knees traveled over their toes that they would develop knee problems. This was adhered to as gospel for decades until the last few years it was questioned. Trainers started to promote putting one’s knees over toes and performing movements like wedging squats and split squats as a knee health solution. This has become such a big trend it seems like everyone is now trying to make sure their knees go over their toes. So, who is right?

knees over toes

Of course it isn’t that simple! In this 75 minute webinar physical therapist, Jessica Bento and strength coach, Josh Henkin, examine over 20 studies that look at this question and help explain what the research REALLY tells us about why knees get injured and what we need to improve their health. We will answer if knees over toes is actually a solution to knee health and better understand knee pain is not all the same!

knees over toes

Don’t worry, this isn’t just a bunch of boring technical talk (we make the science very applicable), but we provide practical solutions for every need of the knee as well. You will walk away with such a stronger understanding and appreciation of what causes so many knees to hurt and how we can help ourselves and those we work with become stronger and more resilient.

knees over toes

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