DVRT 12 Week Jump Start Program


Our 12 Week DVRT Jump Start Program is designed to help people quickly see the effectiveness and uniqueness of our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT). Over the 12 weeks we have progressive programs to show how we not only build up month after month, but every workout has 3 fitness levels to match wherever you are starting. This just doesn’t let you quickly see progress, but how we program in smarter ways to avoid the common plateaus of most workout programs. 

✔12 week workout program with 3 progressions of every exercise for each exercise. 

✔Video links to demonstrate the technique to every movement. 

✔Warm-ups to match each workout to prepare you to move your best and increase your injury resilience. 

✔Each month builds upon the previous and you will be able to repeat this program at higher levels as you increase your functional fitness and get many months of training from the program. 


Since 2005 we have been passionate about sharing with people the power of our DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) system, but we know we have to show people HOW! That is why workouts like our 12 Week DVRT Jump Start Program is designed to accomplish that goal of easily helping people see how much more effective and fun DVRT can be. 

This isn’t just a 12 week program as we have built in progressions not just for every month of training, not just each workout, but every exercise too! With easy to follow video links to make sure you know how to perform each powerful movement, you can not only work at your current fitness level, but you can repeat the program at higher levels as you grow!

We wanted a program, not just a bunch of random workouts so each workout ALSO has a warm-up series to accompany the training. In order to show how DVRT is used for mobility, corrective exercise, core training, functional strength, conditioning, and so much more. It may sound like a lot, but the program proves it to you!