DVRT 12 Week Low Back Certification


Chronic low back pain isn’t just a broad statistic that impacts almost 20 million people JUST in the U.S. alone! It is a problem that can destroy people’s lives and make many feel helpless and lost. When people reach out for help, we want to have confidence professionals have the best access to information, methods, and programs to make a great impact on those that need us the most. That is why physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and strength coach, Josh Henkin, have used the over 20 years each have experience in working with a wide variety of people that have experienced the challenges of low back pain to such a high degree.


During this 12 weeks we will…


-Go through research with you on the many different causes and issues of low back pain.


-Provide weekly webinars on specific topics where we can go into depth, demonstrate how we bring the science to life, and interact with you to help really build that understanding and system.


-There will be case studies where we look at real life situations and how to go about building the optimal program for that individual.


-We will cover the most impactful new information in regards to pain science and strategies you can use that almost every fitness professional misses in their work.


-Our goal is to have interactive group that can both discuss issues with us, but brainstorm and ask questions of each other as well. Don’t miss this great opportunity to be part of making the biggest impact upon someone’s life!



This 12 week interactive and home study certification will begin on October 3rd 2022 with open enrollment until 10/02/2022. Early bird pricing will only go for one week ending on 09/26/2022. For any live and interactive course work, if individuals can not attend the time frames, everything will be recorded and sent out electronically for review. You will not miss out on any content. For those choosing the monthly payment options,  second and third payments will be requested via electronic invoice, five business days prior to the next month course work beginning. Once the course begins you will also be invited to a private Facebook group for all attendees to ask questions and post.

*coupon codes can not be applied to this certification 

* this course is non refundable 


Getting a picture of what is happening with an individual can be overly complicated or not provide us with useful information. It doesn’t have to be this way and that is why physical therapist, Jessica Bento, has created screens that anyone can use that helps us develop insights to the issues one is facing with their low back pain and start to help us plan an effective approach.
The biggest challenge in today’s fitness and therapy landscape is all the information that is being thrown out. Of course we know not everything that is said is good, but how do you know? We will break down the most current and impactful research to help develop a filter so you can start to learn what is and is not good information.
While exercise can play a major role in someone’s success in combating low back pain, there are many other factors one has to consider. Telling those struggling to eat and sleep better isn’t a solution. Instead, we will go over why these are such impactful variables (along with stress) and how we can more meaningfully communicate and provide strategies with those looking to improve these areas of their life.
How we put the science into practice is the most important aspect of any program. That is why we will take case studies and go into detail the thought process in creating effective programs and have students go through showing their ability to apply the information with real world situations.
Far too often when one attends a continuing education program and goes back to apply the new information, there are many questions and issues that arise. Working in real life settings and people creates a whole new challenge in using the new material just learned. That is why we will have an interactive private group where you can ask your questions, get feedback, and connect with other professionals trying to optimize the information we present.


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