DVRT Elite Fitness Business E-Course


Having watched so many fitness professionals share that they struggle and struggle in the industry we wanted to provide a genuine solution. Sure, there are no shortage of people online promising to make you rich, but those aren’t founded on any true and tried business principles and definitely not by those that have done it for themselves. With our first online business starting in 2000 and having also run our own training studio, we are one of the few that have really “been there and done that!” This is what inspired our goal of providing practical, proven, accessible, and honest fitness business information.



Our DVRT Elite business coaching e-course is designed to give you the 10 most important concepts to start with in developing either an online or live fitness business. In this course you will learn…



-The right mindset of being a successful business owner.


-What is financial health and why do most fitness professionals completely negate this type of health.


-How do you build an impactful community that will get people to want to truly interact with your business.


-To use social media as a thoughtful business tool, not the random and often time wasting obligation most experience.


So much more! 5 Hours of video lessons, experts in finance and community building, and 10 chapters that will help you accomplish more than almost any expensive fitness program available today. Best of all, it isn’t an expensive program that will prevent you from jump starting your business or giving new life into your passion.

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Our first venture with an online fitness business started in 2000 with a website I launched called Raw Intensity. This was a powerful learning experience that led to over 100 online articles being published and beginning to create a name and brand in the fitness industry. The internet was so young at that time, especially for the fitness industry, my goal was still to have my own training facility.

Before you could bump into a personal training studio just walking down the street, I opened my first training facility in 2003 and made ALL the mistakes possible. Fortunately, I was willing to learn from my errors and for over the next 10 years was able to operate a successful studio. During that time, the success of the gym allowed us to create and build DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

When DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training was created, there was nothing like it on the market, THERE REALLY wasn’t! In fact, our first web designer couldn’t find any searches for key words related to sandbag training. It was simply a training tool and method that people were not looking for online or really in person either. We were so passionate about what DVRT could be and do, we dedicated ourselves to building a brand that would make a difference.

That didn’t come without some tough times and hard lessons though. There were several times we almost quit, whether due to financial challenges, personal heartbreak, there were lots of times we could have thrown the towel in especially because there was NO ONE to guide us through the process. Just thinking how easily we could have given up and not have achieved a brand that is now internationally recognized as a leader, it made us think about how many don’t make it that far.

As we connected with more and more fitness professionals all over the world, we heard VERY similar stories of heartbreak of  people wanting go make a difference in people’s lives, but not getting the RIGHT information on how to accomplish these goals. We saw people spend their lifesavings on programs that promised to help them, but have them right back to where they started at the end of the day. Being able to relate to that heartache and pain, we wanted to offer something that ANYONE could use to jump start their fitness business whether online or as a live entity.


That is why we created the DVRT Elite e-coaching course. This program contains both video lessons as well as key points of each chapter. There are experts involved that break down the truth of different topics and get you going in the right direction. We didn’t focus on everything one can do because that only overwhelms people, instead, we focused on the key concepts that set the foundation to have success and keep building. What will you learn?

-Chapter 1: Are Your Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

-Chapter 2: What Type Of Mindset Do You Need?

-Chapter 3: Real Goal Setting & Why It Matters

-Chapter 4: Financial Health The Key To Your Business

-Chapter 5: Do You Need A Website?

-Chapter 6: The Power Of Community Building

-Chapter 7: The Social Media Trap

-Chapter 8: Why A Unique Selling Position Is Essential & How To Do It Right

-Chapter 9: How To Battle Feeling Overwhelmed & Staying On Track

-Chapter 10: Answering Most Common Questions


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