DVRT Functional Muscle Program


DVRT Functional Muscle will take you through 51 progressive workouts that will help you achieve not only functional muscle but allow you to move better and feel your best.

-This digital program gives you 51 workouts that can be 18 months worth of training.

-Each workout has live links to videos so you can see how to perform each movement and with over 250 exercises we are able to help show you how to progress in smarter ways while providing you meaningful variety.

-Equipment used in the program may include Ultimate Sandbags, kettlebells, & bands

*Downloadable products are non-refundable


These workouts take you progressively through our training concepts and with live links (within each pdf) that show you how to perform an exercise properly. In this program, we describe how you can optimize these workouts to meet your individual fitness needs. You won’t find a more comprehensive training program that helps progress our training to exciting new heights and opens up the playbook of what functional fitness can and should be!