DVRT Intermediate Workout Program


DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) is a unique functional fitness system that is designed to improve how you feel, perform, and look all at once. This isn’t hype, but rather bringing the science of the human body to life. The DVRT Intermediate Workout program is designed to show you how we progress in DVRT in exciting ways that no other fitness system even ever thinks about! What do you get?


-This digital program gives you 36 workouts that can be 1 year’s worth of training.


-Our DVRT Warm-up program that gives you 12 warm-ups that help improve your mobility and truly get your body prepared for the movements of these programs. You will see how our science-based mobility warm-ups get you moving better faster and address many issues of the hips, low back, and shoulders.


-Each workout has live links to videos so you can see how to perform each movement and with over 120 exercises we are able to help show you how to progress in smarter ways while providing you meaningful variety.


-Equipment used in the program may include Ultimate Sandbags, mini bands, super bands, and gliders.


*Downloadable products are non-refundable 






DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) is a unique fitness training system. We think differently and that allows us to provide more options to solve people’s training goals. Being a bit of a departure for many, it is important to show people how versatile, effective, and fun DVRT can be for you.

Instead of trying to fit people to our way of training, we look to see how to make any fitness level successful and be able to progress over time. As you progress to our intermediate level of DVRT will find these 36 workouts and over 120 exercises a great way to learn how DVRT keeps pushing real-world movement strength forward.

These workouts take you progressively through our training concepts and provide you a year’s worth of training with live links (within each pdf) that show you how to perform an exercise properly. In this program, we describe how you can optimize these workouts to meet your individual fitness needs. You won’t find a more comprehensive training program that helps progress our training to exciting new heights and opens up the playbook of what functional fitness can and should be!