DVRT Level 1 & 2 Online Certification


Get both our DVRT Level I & II Online Certifications and save!

Level 1: 

What You Get

  • SEVEN training modules packed full of DVRT progressions, cues, programming, and content
  • 35 Training Videos breaking down the technique of every drill so you can maximize the potential of your training.
  • Over 5 hours of instruction so you can feel like a pro after completing this course.
  • Upon completion you will receive your DVRT Level I PDF Certificate.
  • Also after completion you will receive a life long coupon code for discounts to all our Ultimate Sandbag Training gear and programs.

Level 2 leads us to realizing how powerful and versatile our DVRT system is in addressing all levels of functional fitness. This is NOT a program designed to just give you more exercises (although we cover over 100 DVRT movements), the concepts and principles of the program will open up a bigger and better world of functional fitness. If you are a coach looking to provide more solutions to your clients, the detail of our coaching cues, the progressions we have laid out, and the thought process that gives you direction will raise your coaching game to an elite level. Even if you are just a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about fitness, this program will help you understand what functional fitness really means and how to reach goals in strength, performance, and movement that will be unmatched!

**Anyone can purchase our Level 2 online certification, but to be certified you have to already have passed our DVRT Level 1 either live or online certification. 




The term “functional training” gets thrown around a lot, but often doesn’t get defined and other times misses the real intention behind the term “functional”. This became our goal with our DVRT programs, we wanted to help people better understand how we are designed for movement and how this leads to developing better exercises and programs. Our goal is that people take the time to really study and practice the concepts and principles that are taught in our DVRT programs.


Level 1 helps establish the foundations of the 7 human movement patterns of squat, hip hinge, lunge, push, pull, rotation, and locomotion. Not only are we establishing proficiency in these foundations, but we start to layer to more advanced functional training that increases our total body stability, mobility, and strength. Working through our Level 1 progressions often completely opens coaches’ minds in not only new movements but also how to create solutions they never saw available to them before. This leads to providing clients results that we would like to achieve, but often thought would be too difficult due to having enough knowledge of the human body to really accomplish our lofty goals. Level 1 is perfect for any fitness level whether someone brand new to fitness or those that already have a strong base, but want to take training to another level!


Level 2 picks up to more advanced functional fitness where we start looking at why building strength and fitness in different directions and planes of motions are so critical in achieving our goals. Whether we are looking at developing higher levels of performance, help movement limitations, improve our stability/mobility, and ultimately develop fitness that will allow us to excel in and outside of the gym, this program is for you!


Physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and strength coach, Josh Henkin, take their combined 40 years of clinical and coaching experience to provide the best cues and progressions to bring the best available science to life in very real world ways. You will not only learn over 100 movements, but step by step you will learn how to communicate and problem solve how to perform at the highest levels. This program is designed so that anyone can be introduced to these ideas and build success to move through the system, empowering people to see fitness in a whole new light.


DVRT level 2 will completely change how you see strength training and what it means to develop all around functional fitness. Whether you are a coach or just passionate about fitness, this certification will provide you a better world of training!