DVRT Resiliency Yoga/Pilates/Corrective Program


Movement is the cornerstone quality of ALL fitness programs. Not having it can cause stagnation, frustration, and even possible injury. That is why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training knows that learning to move is learning to become successful in your workouts. That is what DVRT Resiliency is ALL about! Over 40 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are taught and 10 workouts are designed to help teach you how to maximize your movement potential. No matter if you are looking to get to the next level in your fitness, get rid of nagging aches and pains, or just feel your best, DVRT Resiliency is designed to help you get there in a fun, challenging, and effective manner. Check out why Pilates, Yoga, and DVRT certified instructor, Gin Gavran, wanted to create the ultimate combination in movement training and recovery fitness, check out DVRT Resiliency!



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