DVRT Rx Healthy Knee Course


healthy knees

It’s finally here! We are excited to have our first installment of the DVRT Rx series by physical therapist, Jessica Bento. With over 20 years in health and fitness as well as 15 years of practicing in a variety of areas in therapy (everything from sports rehab, neuro, and geriatric populations). Jessica has an incredible ability to make complex subjects accessible. Having taught internationally and for top industry associations like the NSCA, along with writing extensively on the subject of functional training and post-rehab training, this is a very unique program!


Knowing that nothing can ruin a well intended fitness program or really create issues in the quality of one’s life, Jessica wanted to create an encompassing program that could help anyone suffering from chronic knee issues or in a post rehabilitative setting. This meant not just focusing on a few exercises, but teaching concepts of why knees are such a common issue in many people and why it often isn’t the knee itself that is causing problems!


In order to do this complex subject justice, Jessica has created 7 pdf downloadable modules (all have video links within them) that break down specific aspects of knee issues and how to work towards improving how we function, perform, and feel! This program features:


✓Over 4 hours of in-depth video description


✓More than 350 pages of laying out how to use simple screens, soft-tissue tools, mobility exercises, and building strength from foundational to higher level resilience drills. This will be a complete toolbox demonstrating how to integrate a variety of functional training tools into your or your clients’ programs.


Instead of just giving you random exercises, Jessica teaches over 100 drills to be used in a progressive system to find the RIGHT exercise for the issues facing you.


This is an incredible program that allows delivers great functional training education to you anywhere in the world. Have access to amazing solutions and knowledge right in your hands with this great downloadable program.


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Don’t hesitate to contact customer service with any questions you might have at Due to the nature of this program being downloadable, there are no refunds on this product.