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This 6-week interactive course by physical therapist, Jessica Bento and strength coach, Josh Henkin is taking the science of their popular webinar and bringing it to life with real world application. Each week they will show you how to build progression, problem solve common shoulder issues, use effective cuing to help create success and teach how to more effectively have people use their bodies to build strong and healthy shoulders. When you blend the science with practical application you have the ability to create such higher level results as well as gain greater confidence in your coaching skills. When you can accomplish such goals, you will benefit not only in improving the quality of your clients’ lives, but also raise the value of your business. This course begins Jan 18th at 3pm EST.

What will each will entail?

The masterclass will have .8 NASM CEU’s with it.

Week 1: Shoulder Screens That Matter

Jessica and Josh will walk you through the most meaningful screens of the shoulder that will help you better understand the true issues your client is facing and what direction to go in their training. Screening should only occur if it changes what you will be doing from a workout perspective and these screens will be simple enough to implement to gain fast insight into the potential issues your client is dealing with as well as the best places to start emphasizing in their training.

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Week 2: The Influence And Proper Training Of The Cervical Spine

The neck can influence greatly what happens in the upper body, especially the shoulders. However, due to the great number of nerves and vital structures that bypass the neck, great care has to be put forth in not creating more issues. In the scope of corrective exercise, we have created safe and very effective strategies that are backed by research into some of the most challenging types of shoulder issues. These can provide great relief and provide insight into why a more integrated approach to the body is necessary.

Week 3 & 4: Re-Thinking Mobility Of the Thoracic Spine & Shoulders

Great attention in recent years have been given to mobility exercises of the thoracic spine and shoulders. Yet, many of the drills shown as to be effective for improving mobility are not based on any evidence. This can cause “unskillful effort” where the coach and client try to address mobility restrictions in the shoulders and thoracic spine with little success. Discover drills that are based on a large amount of literature and how they will make your training and efforts so much more effective and efficient.

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Week 5: Creating Smarter Shoulder Stability Solutions

Shoulder stability is a key prerequisite for building upon strength and power. If we only focus on the shoulder though we will NOT achieve the stability that allows us to not only regain our health, but will not prevent the re-occurrence of injury from happening. During this session we will cover progressive drills that teach how to not only address the current issues of shoulder stability a client may be facing, but to also to reduce the chances of future problems in training.

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Week 6: Strength & Power

The goal of this program is to ensure that we have a healthy body to take on challenges of strength and power that will not only further performance goals, but instill higher levels of longevity and quality of life. Strength and power play a big part of that, but many end up placing clients under high risk activities that only start the cycle of pain over again. We will teach how to introduce more progressive forms of strength and power that will allow you to not only build these qualities, but continue to create greater resilience and well-being.




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Shoulder injuries are far more common than many would believe, especially compared to more familiar issues like low back pain. However, research has explained, “After low back pain and knee pain, shoulder pain has been estimated to be the third most common musculoskeletal presentation in primary care. The prognosis for people presenting with musculoskeletal shoulder pain varies widely between individuals with, on average, 50% of people with shoulder pain still reporting symptoms 6 months after presenting in primary care. In addition to pain, functional disabilities are common and can interfere with work, hobbies, social, and sporting activities and may also be associated with psychological distress and reduced quality of life.”-A systematic review of the global prevalence and incidence of shoulder pain, 2022

Helping people reduce pain, increase function, and improve quality of life is what led to the creation of our 6-week online DVRT Rx Shoulder Restoration program. Physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and strength coach, Josh Henkin, will lead an interactive 6-week course where attendees will go through all aspects of addressing shoulder issues. Each week, for one hour, Jessica and Josh will do a live hands-on the most essential concepts for coaches to address when trying to help restore proper function to the shoulder. The dates and times of the sessions will be determined when registration closes, first session is set for Jan. 18th 3pm EST . Helpful Q and A with common questions on this program:

-Week 1: Shoulder Screens That Matter

-Week 2: The Influence & Proper Training Of The Cervical Spine

-Week 3 & 4: Re-Thinking Mobility Of the Thoracic Spine & Shoulders

-Week 5: Creating Smarter Shoulder Stability Solutions

-Week 6: Strength & Power Strategies For Improved Function, Performance, & Resilience

***Attendees will receive our Beyond The Rotator Cuff shoulder webinar as a foundation for the science and strategies that will be taught during the course.