DVRT Rx Shoulder Program


Our NEW DVRT Rx Shoulder Course was designed by physical therapist, Jessica Bento, to help anyone wanting to improve their shoulder function, stability, mobility, and health with an easy to follow guide. In this course Jessica gives updated screens and how they impact overall shoulder performance. She helps expand our understanding of the shoulder and simply explains how issues of our shoulder could be coming from other areas of our body. 

Jessica includes methods from our Myofascial Integrated Movement program (MIM) to help expand how concepts like breath work and myofascial stretching can provide great relief and raise our awareness how many factors in our life could be contributing to shoulder issues. The best part though is that Jessica has included 6 months of training programs to help people work through problematic shoulders and progress to more functional training. 

You will find your mobility, stability, and strength in your shoulder and upper body have never been better. Best of all you will have a deeper understanding of how to train the body to build greater resilience and avoid many of the pitfalls that cause shoulder issues to begin in the gym!

-Learn a simple to implement shoulder screening program to help identify the biggest issues of your shoulder discomfort. 

-Understand how the entire body impacts the mobility, strength, and overall health of your shoulder. 

-Discover the most effective stretches and breath training to help open your body and release a lot of the restrictions of your shoulder. 

-Go through 6 months of training programs to help your shoulder feel and perform its best yet!


According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 4,000,000 U.S. citizens suffer shoulder problems yearly. That is A LOT of people and that doesn’t count the number of people that don’t end up going to the doctor. I’ve talked to MANY fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts who admit that shoulder issues are really holding back their ability to progress in the gym and they are constantly having to try to find work arounds to their issues. 

Most just give up and assume this is the way their body is just going to have to feel. They get frustrated after trying supposed soft-tissue, stretching, and even strengthening solutions that don’t seem to end up making much progress. That is largely because people still mostly believe that most of their shoulder issues are stemming from their actual shoulder. They have no idea that other parts of their body and other issues could be causing their shoulders to feel weak, lack stability, and not move with great mobility. 

That is what inspired me to put together this easy to use DVRT Rx Shoulder Course. I wanted to help people not just better understand the function of the shoulder, but how the shoulder interacts and reacts to the entire body. This program has easy to follow and understand screens that will help point you in the most important directions to address your shoulder. 

We also cover more effective mobility strategies that take the bigger and better perspective to shoulder function. These easy to use and progressive drills will help you not only identify limitations of your shoulder, but where else the issues may be stemming from in your body overall. Of course there is the 6 months of progressive training that is meant to help go from foundational recovery and corrective exercise to higher level strength training that helps solidify the work in making your shoulders not just stronger, but resilient as well. 

I know this program will have a very positive impact upon your shoulder challenges and am excited for you to start seeing a much better world of fitness solutions!

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Train Hard, Train Smart,

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist


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