DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Fitness HIT- Downloadable


So why is THIS program called DVRT HIT? The reality is that the idea of intervals is foreign to most and the emphasis needs to be on the HIGH INTENSITY side. Why? If you actually perform the exercises with the intention of the intensity being high, then you will HAVE to take some rest. Far too many people think they are doing high intensity actually are doing it at only a moderate level because they focus on NOT taking any rest. Our focus is on high intensity so why we are keeping this simple and incredibly effective. We wanted to show you where DVRT could go even beyond just Ultimate Sandbags. So, there are some pretty challenging exercises, but I believe they are all progressive in nature and should be doable. DVRT HIT contains Ultimate Sandbags, Bodyweight, and Kettlebell exercises. These programs are downloadable and non refundable in nature. Your download link will be sent with your order confirmation upon checkout.




This dynamic training downloadable program includes the following:

-Over 100 exercise video demonstrations

-30 progressive workouts

-Available on any mobile device to go where your workouts do!


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