DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Fitness STRONG Over 40- Downloadable


Just because we are getting older, it doesn’t mean that we should stop strength training, in fact the opposite is true. After the age of 40 it is more important than ever to build lean muscle to protect our body, to help us rebound from injury, to support our joints and to keep our metabolism revved up.

This program has been designed to deliver optimal results in an efficient amount of time. Time becomes more precious as we age, we are busy people, with busy lives, so we need to find that minimum effective dose that delivers real results.

*downloadable product


Here’s what you can expect from STRONG OVER 40:

  • Exercises that strengthen and improve movement rather than individual muscles
  • Workouts that have you working a high energy state moving in multiple directions
  • Joint friendly exercises that help support rather than strain lower back, knees, shoulders and hips
  • Mobility and flexibility enhancing movements
  • Fun and energetic workouts in efficient time.
  • 10 Workouts over 50 exercises!
  • downloadable product


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