Dynamic Mobility


Moving well is essential in achieving just about every fitness goal. Not only can injury keep us from progressing in our workouts, but poor movement can make doing great exercises and programs pretty much impossible. Proper mobility training is the answer, but that doesn’t mean stop training! In this innovative program, DVRT UK Master, Greg Perlaki shares the science of good mobility training and how he has helped so many clients move, feel, and perform their best while getting stronger and more fit. What will you get with this great program?


-Over 80 mobility drills you can immediately use and feel the benefit from in your training.


-16 Dynamic Mobility workouts and a program that shows you how to incorporate these highly effective training methods into your workouts and help you get better fast!


-Video links to each movement to so you can see every drill in real time action.


-Information on how to train to help the “Big 3” of problem areas, low backs, knees, and shoulders.


*please note: downloadable products are non refundable

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