Follow Along 20 Minute Total Body Workout


Great workouts don’t have to take a lot of time, demand a lot of space, or even a lot of equipment. Coach Johnny Rhodes will take you step by step through a thorough warmup and a 16 minute follow along workout. With bodyweight and only 2 Ultimate Sandbags you will see how much you can accomplish! This program has an intro plus 5 minute warmup followed by a 16 minute workout. A great workout that can be done literally anywhere!

*please allow some time for follow along programs to download as they are larger files



DVRT Certified Coach, Johnny Rhodes, walks you step by step through a 4 minute warm-up and 16 minute total body DVRT workout. Coach Rhodes explains how to perform each exercise and gives you additional cues throughout the workout to help keep you motivated and ensures that you know the right techniques that make DVRT so effective. You will be able to hit not only all the muscles of your body, but build better mobility, strength, stability, and conditioning at once. It won’t be easy, but Johnny makes it a fun time and empowers you to see how great functional fitness can easily be a part of your busy life!