Follow Along 25 Minute Corrective Exercise Workout


Follow Along with this 25 minute downloadable workout instructed by Certified DVRT Trainer Ben Beeler. Ben will coach you every step of the way with this corrective based workout! This series is great for recovery from hard training, overcoming chronic aches/pains, and learning how to improve the quality of our functional movement.

*please allow some time for follow along programs to download as they are larger files


Want to feel, move, and perform better? Then check out this incredibly effective DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout by Coach Ben Beeler. In this series, Coach Beeler shows how we teach our body to work, move, and be its best. During this 25 minute follow along workout you will discover that improving your mobility, flexibility, and stability doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. Coach Beeler’s great instruction will walk you step by step through the proper performance and cuing you need to be successful.