POD Workouts: New Way To Train Smart & Safely


Saying that 2020 began with a challenge to everyone in the world, is probably one of the biggest understatements ever. Now that we are moving forward and we are trying to find some normalcy as gyms open back up, coaches have to be ready. Fitness is going to look different, at least for awhile. Since 2005 we have looked to be a solution for both coaches and fitness enthusiasts alike. Knowing that every gym will have to use separate “pods” where clients pretty much stay in one spot is going to challenge many. That is why we developed this program, a year’s worth of training on how to use these pods to keep your training effective, progressive, challenging, and fun!

What do you get?

-A year’s worth of programs all built to progress over time.

-12 different workout programs.

-Over 350 exercises that show you how incredible a small space with kettlebells, bands, bodyweight, and Ultimate Sandbags can be in delivering an incredible experience for your clients and yourself!

-These workouts are incredible for group training at the gym and can also be used for at home training. 

*please note, downloadable products are non refundable and are received as a PDF with hyperlinked videos. 

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