Foundations for Strong & Mobile Shoulders Online Seminar


Problematic shoulders plague a lot of fitness programs. Most people instantly default to chasing after isolated shoulder training, but would it surprise you to hear that this is the WRONG approach? Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento and Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, break down how we take the best science of functional movement to create better solutions for shoulder issues.

-60 minute seminar where we explain how to built superior mobility, easy and effective screens, and how we start to build better shoulder strength and function.

-Discover why the hands and the feet are the essential starting points for problem solving shoulder problems and how it will instantly change your strength and mobility.

-Learn how we improve the shoulders through actually pressing drills and how these exercises develop total body strength.

-Find out why Landmine exercises are NOT a solution for healthy shoulders.

-Understand how we use tools like bands, kettlebells, and Ultimate Sandbags to teach the body HOW to move more effectively and efficiently.

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Ultimate Sandbag shoulder exercises

Shoulders are one of the three key areas of the body that can stop a well meaning fitness program immediately! It can feel that we can’t build the body we want because if our shoulders bother us, it can be hard to train our upper body and even some lower body exercises. That leaves many searching for answers on how we can help our body get back, prevent these issues again, and better understand where they go wrong in their upper body training.

That is why physical therapist, Jessica Bento and strength coach, Josh Henkin, put together this 60 minute online seminar. We wanted to help people understand how DVRT is constructed to explain how our bodies are designed to work, how we can improve our movement with simple exercises and get longer lasting results. Plus, we wanted to set the foundation for building up to more advanced forms of upper body training but not keep falling back to battling those pesky shoulder issues.

If you want simple and powerful screens to help you understand where to start, if you want to see how mobility can be quickly improved through our DVRT core drills, and how we start teaching pushing exercises that will help build more pain free movement and greater overall strength, then this program is for you!

We will explain and demonstrate how we use tools like bands, kettlebells, and Ultimate Sandbags in a specific system of progression and problem solving to help have a strategy to improve one of the most common problems in fitness.

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