How To Create Functional Training Programs Webinar


Functional training isn’t defined by any singular exercise, or even the tools you use. The concepts and principles in which you use to combine all the elements of programming is what makes a program functional. What are those variables and how do you put them together? This is what we cover in this 75 minute webinar where international fitness presenter, Josh Henkin, breaks down what are the most key ideas of creating functional training, how do we plan to train people no matter if it in a 1:1 or group setting. This webinar will give you a HUGE edge in knowing how to develop effective, progressive, and fun training programs.

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If there is any topic that can invoke fear even in experienced fitness professionals, it is that of training programs. This is so much the case that some work very hard to say that workout programs aren’t even necessary and keeping your body “guessing” is key. However, what they don’t often tell you is how that isn’t the best way to improve your body or create overall fitness success.

As the renowned strength coach, Robert Dos Remedios says, “programming isn’t rocket science, but it is still science.” Using specific training programs allows us to know what works in training and what is not. A program helps demonstrate our understanding of training principles and science that shows if our program is on the right track with both our needs and training goals. Thoughtful workout programs give our training direction as well as information when we need to make alterations.
Those that often say that not programming keeps the body “guessing” isn’t telling you that adaptation to training is where our results are achieved. While you can stick to a program too long where stagnation occurs, but that isn’t programming either. The goal of training is to work towards a specific goal/s, we can’t do so if our body is always trying to adjust to random stimulus.
This is what motivated me to create a webinar for coaches (as well as fitness enthusiasts alike) that want to learn how to create training programs that are based on good science, aimed at helping us achieve the best results, and still allow for purposeful variety and creativity.

“Thanks so much for the webinar. It was AWSOME! I loved it. I will learn the concepts first then use it with my clients. Looking forward to the next webinar.” ~Lawrence

“Thanks so much for this course! As always, I learned a lot and had a few “aha” moments. Josh really simplified a few pretty confusing topics. I feel a lot more confident in my ability to create effective programs for my clients going forward. ” ~ Laura

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