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Considering how prevalent knee injuries are, you would think we had a great understanding in fitness how to reduce the chances of such injuries and how to better recover when they happen. This has also led to a lot of theories that have become popular like putting one’s knees over their toes as a solution. However, even though it is a trendy idea is there any evidence to back it up?


That is what we wanted to answer in both our Knees Over Toes Webinar and this 5 module course where we share the work of over 40 research studies on causes and solutions of knee pain to create a comprehensive program addressing the true issues with knee pain. These programs aren’t just about the science, we create real world solutions with informative screens, a detailed explantation of why ankle and hip mobility are key to knee health, as well as how foot & core stability are essential. Finally, we describe and outline the best strength training strategies to build strong, healthy, and resilient knees.


This isn’t just opinion, but the most in-depth use of current science to provide better solutions.


What Do You Get With This Special Combo?


-A deep dive into the science of knee pain and common injuries.


-Screens that give us great insight into movement issues that could be contributing to our knee problems.


-Understanding how foot stability and ankle mobility are the most foundational aspects of creating knee health solutions.


-Discovering hip mobility drills that will correlate to how our knee functions and is used in movement.


-Strength training that correlates to the needs of the knee to be strong and resilient that go way beyond what any singular muscle does because that is just not how the body works!



When we experience pain it can be one of the fastest ways to derail any sort of fitness program, as well as severely decrease our quality of life. It makes sense that people who experience such issues and those that want to help solve them, look for solutions that can make a large impact. So, it is not surprising to see trendy ideas gain steam, but are they actually effective?

knees over toes

That is what we wanted to break down in this new DVRT program examining the science behind the idea of putting one’s knees over toes to resolve knee issues. While an idea can be popular, a 2022 study already stated that a lot of what we see on social media often doesn’t have anything evidence to support the ideas.

Does putting one’s knees over toes have any scientific or clinical evidence? We looked at A LOT of literature and included 29 studies that help explain the reality of the knee over toes philosophy and helps us better understand what are the TRUE causes and issues of knee pain and what we know works in creating programs that can effectively address them.

knees over toes

Having physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and international presenter/strength coach, Josh Henkin break down all of this information will help anyone wanting to improve themselves, or help others, have a science based approach to addressing the knee. We will explain myths behind the knees over toes philosophy and what truths may lie but need greater context.

We aren’t asking you to take our word for these ideas, we are providing the most in-depth break down of this popular fitness idea and giving clarity to what works and how. This will not only help you have better perspective on the knees over toes concept, but will help anyone better address the demands of the knee and providing greater health and performance.

hip mobility

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