L.I.F.T Certification: Complete Series


Our ENTIRE installment of the NEW Loaded Integrated Functional Training Certification (L.I.F.T.) is here! For the first time there is a system of implementing, systemizing, and combining some of the best functional training tools. Whether you love kettlebells, bodyweight training, maces, and/or Ultimate Sandbags you will love how we have re-defined what functional training can be and produce for your fitness goals! 9 Modules which include Principles of L.I.F.T., Squatting, Hinging, Pressing, Pulling, Lunging, Rotation, Gait and Programming!


✔ 9 Downloadable modules with over 900 pages of text, pictures, and training videos with instruction.


✔Over 20 hours of video that breaks down each series of progressions.


✔FREE Ultimate Sandbag Training Starter Combo Package of our Strength and Power Ultimate Sandbags! (sand version only, black color) *free combo package for those domestic orders with no greater than a 30% discount applied, any discount greater than 30% applied will not receive a Combo Package.


✔Option to be apart of our L.I.F.T Coaching Group


* downloadable programs are non refundable 



Our launch of the L.I.F.T. certification is not only a new way of thinking about functional training, but a new way to get the HIGHEST level of fitness education. We don’t want you to buy the L.I.F.T. program, we want you to use, study, and benefit from this powerful system.


The entire L.I.F.T. Certification contains 9 total modules!  L.I.F.T will take you through a comprehensive journey of movement, breaking down the seven human movement patterns of Hinging, Pressing, Squatting, Pulling, Lunging, Gait and Rotation as well as and entire module on programming these movements. The first module on Principles will give you an introduction on your your journey with L.I.F.T.
The L.I.F.T. Certification uses the following tools within the modules: Kettlebells, Ultimate Sandbags, Mini Bands, Lever Bells, ARES Sled, Sliders, & Suspension Straps. Please note you do not have to have all these tools in order to progress through the content of the program.
This program is a downloadable product, links to the program will be found in your order confirmation once you have completed your purchase. You may also set up an account on our main site so that you can continually log into the dashboard to gain access at any time to your programs, this is highly recommended for easy access to your purchase.
Testimonial : “LIFT is an extremely thoughtful and comprehensive program that has given me a systematic way to help my patients achieve their goals. A lot of the clinical exercise education I received takes the body apart and thinks in terms of individualized functions. LIFT helped me put the body back together and see whole people, whole movement patterns, and whole solutions. I can’t recommend LIFT enough to any physical rehab professional or trainer.” Daniel  King-McDonald
Don’t hesitate to contact customer service with any questions you might have at Due to the nature of this program being downloadable, there are no refunds on this product. Due to high international  shipping costs, we can not apply the free USB’s to this program for international customers.