Metabolic Movement: 6 Months Unlocking Functional Fitness


Most training programs are only made for one fitness level. However, Coach Cari Satre’s Metabolic Movement program takes us from foundational DVRT exercises to advanced training and how to start building powerful flows. This 6 month program helps people go step by step from learning key foundational DVRT movements in challenging workouts for any fitness level that will help build all the functional fitness qualities at once. If you want stability, strength, mobility, and get in great shape this dynamic program is for you!

  • 6 month program that can be adapted to any fitness level.
  • A minimal amount of equipment and space needed so can be done literally anywhere!
  • Video demonstration of 108 drills that will change how you see strength training.
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With so many options in our DVRT system, it may seem difficult sometimes to feel confident you know where to start. That is why Coach Cari Satre has put together this great 6 month Metabolic Movement program. Cari starts with important DVRT foundations and shows how to progress not only to more advanced DVRT drills, but using more sophisticated strategies like our DVRT Flows.

sandbag fitness workout

Does this mean that if you are more well trained you can’t use this program? Absolutely NOT! Using heavier and larger Ultimate Sandbags will increase the instability and strength demands so that you can adapt this program easily to any fitness level. In this program, Cari demonstrates 108 exercises that develop stability, mobility, strength, and conditioning at once!

One of the very best aspects is not only the great results you can achieve, but the fact you need minimal equipment and space to train. That makes such great training accessible to anyone that wants to discover better ways of training that result in a superior training experience.

This isn’t just HIIT, this isn’t just corrective, this isn’t’ just mobility! It is about putting it all together for one dynamic training program!

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