Mobility Training Myths Webinar



Mobility is an essential component of any good fitness program. If we don’t move well we can not overload the body properly, attain ranges of motion that allow us to overload the muscles we are targeting, we move less efficiently, and there is far more compensation in our movements so we are more likely to suffer injury and/or aches and pains. That is why physical therapist, Jessica Bento and strength coach, Josh Henkin put together this special 60 minute webinar explaining the common myths, misconceptions, and why so much of what you see on social media isn’t optimal mobility training.

mobility training

This webinar, Jessica and Josh will break down the science behind mobility training that leads us to better understanding why focusing on individual joints, stretching muscles, and more are usually ineffective and inefficient in improving mobility. That when we understand how the nervous system, fascia, and kinetic chains of muscles all impact our movement helps us realize what good mobility training exercises look like. We explain and go through many examples of greater mobility training drills for increased hip, shoulder, ankle, and thoracic mobility.

mobility training