Myofascial Integrated Movement 36 Better Movement Workouts

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Our NEW Myofascial Integrated Movement (MIM) program is based on the work that DVRT creator, Josh Henkin, found to help him recover from the massive chronic pain of neurological loss of 7 spinal surgeries due to his congenital disease. The program is founded on principles that can be found in ancient systems like yoga and qigong, but have been updated to fit the needs of anyone looks to move better, feel stronger & more mobile, and help manage the stress of modern life through mind-body practice. This program contains…

-Instructional videos on how to integrate breath work into your daily life as well into maximizing breath to help increase mobility and movement.

-36 dynamic practice sessions that can be used to help increase your energy levels, calm your mind, improve your full body mobility, and even ready to do any activity better.

-Simple cues that allow you to focus on how to help you regain your focus and connection to your body.

-90 exercises that help teach how the body can move in more natural ways and get away from the stagnation that even the gym can create.

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Since the age of 14 I was told that life was going to be challenging because of an aggressive degenerative spinal disease I was diagnosed with and I didn’t want to believe it. However, it was since that age that I was going to deal with pretty severe chronic pain. This pain would grow to cause me to lose use of my right leg TWICE and even my right arm. Not to mention developing life paralyzing migraines and anxiety due to the pain and medications.

It was this challenge that I created DVRT as a solution for myself first and foremost. For awhile, it did help so much in my ability to not just live a more normal life, but actually make progress in my fitness goals and movement abilities. Eventually, the disease began to accelerate and I had 7 spinal surgeries in less than 10 years, all that were pretty significant in nature!

shoulder mobilitydeadlift

The toll of going through so many surgeries was high, not just physically, but mentally as well! I started to question if a quality of life was possible and was tired to hear from doctors that I was “too young to have all these issues.” Not one to sit on the sidelines with my own health, I began to try to find SOMETHING that could make a difference. After all, I saw A LOT of different doctors and therapists and pretty much everyone thought I was doing everything possible already.

The shear amount of medications I was given was insane!

It wasn’t until I started reading about the mind-body connection to chronic pain that my mind started to change. A new path started for me and I started with small 5 minute practices of different arts that emphasize mind-body. Quickly I started to fall in love with the practice because I saw not only the mind-body connection, but there was so much movement science.

Movements were integrated, they were focused on diagonal and spiral patterns that are innate to our body, they emphasized stability and mobility at the right places showing the recognition of the interconnection of the two. Soon, I was making faster progress than I could have ever imagined.

After about 18 months of practice I was COMPLETELY off pain medications (my pain doctors were in disbelief), I was training harder than I had in years, and most of all I felt a sense of calm and peace that I hadn’t experienced in such a long time I couldn’t remember when. That is what made me believe that this was something that I would have to share with others.

Even if you aren’t in as bad shape as I was (hopefully you are not!), maybe you just want to move better, recover faster from exercise, feel more coordinated, have less body tension and heaviness, and maybe most importantly, feel like you can handle the stress in your life more successfully, this program is for you! Listen, this isn’t magic, there is A LOT of science behind it and not everyone may be able to get off medications and such, but I am 100% confident that you will feel SO much better and that you will start to see the possibilities that got me so excited to share it with our community!

Customer Testimonial:

“I have recently bought your MIM program, and I have to tell you I am very surprised from the results I am getting in terms of relaxation and muscle pain reduction.

I have been dealing with an annoying tennis elbow from training and some neck issues from a past car accident: since I have been implementing daily MIM practice they both nearly disappeared…

Also my stress feel much better in control.

It’s strange but some of these drills are pretty hard to perform and cause my heart to beat up just like if I am training…” ~



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    Richard H. (verified owner)

    A great combination of textual explanations and videos showing the various movements. The suggested workouts most helpful for the new user to put it all together.

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