Myofascial Integrated Movement For Better Shoulders


Shoulder issues are right in the top 3 musculoskeletal issues along with low backs and knees. Sadly, research shows that 50% of people with shoulder pain still reporting symptoms 6 months after presenting issues to their doctors. That means potentially over half of people have a shoulder issue become a chronic issue. Not only does this prohibit people from doing things they enjoy and dealing with challenges of aches/pains but also can impact psychological distress and reduced quality of life.

That is why we are excited to share our new Myofascial Integrated Movement (MIM) Shoulder Program. This program is based upon on the most current research of pain and movement science that highlights the need for a more whole person approach. MIM addresses issues of connective tissue/muscle tightness, core stability, joint mobility, calming of the nervous system, all that has been shown to be major issues in shoulder dysfunction. Using an integrated whole person approach gives people the best opportunity to really help and improve their shoulder challenges.

The program has…


-Over 100 exercises to address the multi-faceted needs of improving shoulder movement and function.


-Video instruction of every movement as well as video break down of key movement concepts and principles.


-More than 9 months of practices that can easily be integrated to your warm-ups, recovery workouts, or can be great training in their own right.


You won’t want to miss this dynamic program and see how following what MIM offers will deliver you greater results in others areas of your life like improving sleep, helping with nutritional habits, and greater balance, stability, and mobility. This program perfectly compliments our first MIM program and our Breath Science exercises.


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It is probably staggering for people to think about the fact that we don’t have excellent ways to solve shoulder issues. Especially when the shoulder aches/pains last more than three months and they have officially become a chronic pain condition. Why is it that with all our knowledge of training and therapy that over 50% of people that experience a shoulder problem will keep having similar issues 6-18 months after its first appearance?

Research has now shown us why!

chronic pain

Issues of chronic aches/pains are much more complicated than most originally thought. A wide variety of issues can be impacting one’s shoulder issues such as…

-Neck problems

-Lack of core stability

-Poor hip mobility/strength

-Foot issues

-Chronic stress (money, work, family, relationship)

-Issues with the fascia, connective tissue, and muscle

-Breathing dysfunction

and more!!!

That is A LOT of things that can get overwhelming fast. Even if we think we can address each aspect, doing so might seem like it would take a crazy amount of training time. However, that is where the concept of mind-body practices come into play. The combination of functional movement, mindfulness, stability/balance, stretching, breath work, and working the entire body as one really helps. This is just our opinion either, this is reinforced by a large body of literature like…

chronic pain

“These results show that a short-term application of mind-body intervention significantly alleviates shoulder pain and improves shoulder movement, suggesting its potential use as a therapy for people with shoulder pain.”-Reduced Pain by Mind-Body Intervention Correlates with Improvement of Shoulder Function in People with Shoulder Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

You might have tried different mind-body interventions in the past so what is different with our Myofascial Integrated Movement system/program? Our program is specifically designed to address all the issues that impact chronic shoulder issues. We don’t assume people have a large background in these types of movements and practices and have a progressive system to show how easy, time friendly, and fun this type of training can be while restoring your movement and reducing those chronic aches/pains.

chronic low back pain

The MIM shoulder program is designed with people with problematic shoulders in mind. We have created each practice in a specific sequence to help train the qualities that most impact chronic shoulder issues while also introducing these new concepts in a way that anyone can use and progress at their own rate.

What you will find is not only improved shoulder function and decreasing those aches/pains (***always make sure to consult with your doctor first), but also an ability to improve your sleep, manage stress, and qualities that will carry over to the other aspects of your fitness goals. Don’t miss on an amazing opportunity to really build your health and movement.

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