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We know that chronic low back pain is not only extremely common (impacting around 16 million adults just in the United States alone!), but is worldwide the leading cause of disability. With this large of a health issue in the world, our ability to address chronic low back pain is relatively poor. Many end up chasing strength, or flexibility, or soft-tissue treatments as the solution to such a challenging problem. However, current research shows that chronic low back pain is much more complex and really represents a biopsychosocial problem which involves the three aspects – biological, psychological and social.


Having both personally experienced severe low back pain and working with a wide variety of people with varying levels of disability from low back pain, we have put together a very unique Master Class that teaches how to address ALL the elements that challenge low back pain at once. This 4-week (4 1-hour online lessons that will be provided each week and recorded for all attendees) will demystify the complex science of low back pain and bring these ideas both to individual exercises and a comprehensive program that teaches anyone how to start managing chronic low back pain symptoms far more successfully.


What is going to be taught?


-The multi-faceted components of chronic low back pain and how current science points us to very practical solutions that address these various aspects at once.


-How to combine ancient mind-body practices with modern research and coaching techniques to make these solutions highly accessible and even enjoyable to perform.


-A program that will help break the complex pain cycle that often interferes with not only fitness goals, but the quality of one’s life.


-Coaching, cuing, problem solving, and programming of exercises that will help address all aspects of chronic low back pain for one’s self and those that they may be working with in an exercise program.

Class begins October 27th, so don’t miss out!!


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We have all heard that 80% of Americans are going to experience some form of low back pain in their life. What many people don’t know is that in acute cases of low back pain, 90% plus of the time the issues are resolved with minimal interventions. The trouble can really begin when we are discussing chronic low back pain (pain that persists for 12 weeks or more). There are estimates that 23% of the world’s population actually experiences chronic low back pain. If that number doesn’t sound very large, that is almost 2 billion people worldwide!!!!


Chronic pain of any sort is a complex interaction of not just muscle or joint, but also connective tissue, brain regulation, and lifestyle. That is why what is known as the bio psychosocial model has become more and more a talking point in dealing with all sorts of chronic pain. It has been estimated that up to 80% of people with chronic pain also suffer from depression, this demonstrates that the both the impact and issues surrounding any sort of chronic pain go beyond just the physical. What can exercise do to help such complex issues.

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More and more research is showing the power of mind-body practices in helping chronic low back pain issues. Since we know the mind and the body are not two different distinct entities, rather closely tied to one another, we have to address both in helping complex issues such as chronic low back pain. That is what our Myofascial Integrated Movement (MIM) program was designed to help fitness enthusiast and coach alike in learning to implement.

chronic low back pain

We created this unique 4-week program to help teach how the importance, coaching, proper exercise progression, and program design of our powerful MIM program as it relates to chronic low back pain. You will get to delve into the science of our MIM program that focuses upon the role of our nervous system, connective tissue, fascial lines, and stability in improving our mobility, movement skills, improving sleep, building better lifestyle habits, and reducing chronic low back pain.

chronic low back pain

Each week we will meet to cover science, practice and implementation of these strategies in an easy to access manner. Even if you are unable to attend each every session (where you get to interact with us and other coaches to ask your questions and build confidence in teaching our MIM system) each lesson will be recorded and shared with you to keep and review at your leisure. This allows you to go back and practice on your own as well as prepare questions for the following lesson.


This program promises to help you better understand the multi-faceted issues of chronic low back pain as well as how to bring the most current science to life combined with lessons that mind-body systems have taught us for centuries in build overall health and well-being. Best of all, you don’t have to be in pain or work with people in pain to gain the many benefits this master class has to offer. You will find the ability to deal with stress, recover from training, and perform your best with these strategies as well. We hope you will join us for this special event.

chronic low back pain