Progressive Kettlebell Movement® Online Certification


For the first time there is a system of truly teaching better movement, mobility, stability, and power with kettlebells. While there are many kettlebell programs out there, PKM is the only one that is designed by a strength coach and physical therapist to address how we move and perform in life. Where do we begin in teaching foundational functional movement concepts and where can we go to achieve things that many have never seen. This is NOT a “how to use a kettlebell” course, but rather using the kettlebell to help us teach ANYONE how to move, perform, and live better! Having taught kettlebells since 2003 we have worked with so many different populations, we wanted to create a system that made the impact we all want to achieve with kettlebell training. We guarantee you have never seen anything like PKM before!


✔ 8 Downloadable modules with over 400 pages of text, pictures, and training videos with instruction that depict the keys in teaching every movement and what allows us to create instant results for people.


✔Over 7 hours of instructional video that breaks down each movement and how we create progressions that allow success at any level.


* downloadable programs are non refundable 


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It is not only a new way of thinking about functional training when it comes to kettlebells, but a new way to get the HIGHEST level of fitness education.


The entire PKM Certification contains 8 total modules and over 400 pages of content!  PKM will take you through a comprehensive journey of movement, breaking down the seven human movement patterns of Hinging, Pressing, Squatting, Pulling, Lunging, Gait and Rotation as well as an entire module on programming these movements.


There will be the opportunity for CEC’s through various organizations upon completion of the ENTIRE PKM  Certification.  A short written test will be given for the PKM Certification, with a passing score of 80% or higher is needed.


The PKM Certification uses the following tools within the modules: Kettlebells, Mini Bands, Super Bands,  Lever Bells,  Sliders, & Steps of varying heights. Please note you do not have to have all these tools in order to progress through the content of the program.


This program is a downloadable product, links to the program will be found in your order confirmation once you have completed your purchase. You may also set up an account on our main site so that you can continually log into the dashboard to gain access at any time to your programs, this is highly recommended for easy access to your purchase but you must set up an account prior to placing your order.


Don’t hesitate to contact customer service with any questions you might have at Due to the nature of this program being downloadable, there are no refunds on this product.


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