Progressive Kettlebell Movement® Swing Online Course


The swing is one of the most powerful and unique kettlebell drills. However, many coaches and lifters not only struggle to know how to most effectively and efficiently teach this powerhouse exercise, but all the aspects around getting the most out of the swing. That is what motivated us to create our Progressive Kettlebell Movement (PKM) Swing Course.

✓6 modules that break down the common mistakes, how to most effectively teach the swing (cues and problem solving drills), how to determine who is ready for the swing, how we most thoughtfully progress the swing, and how we program the swing for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of functional fitness.

✓Each module has detailed video links to explain and demonstrate the concepts described in our 6 pdfs.

Even someone who has a great deal of experience with the swing will get insightful cues, progressions, learn how to properly screen, and program the swing while avoiding many of the common mistakes.

Beginners will learn the most important cues and concepts of the swing that will allow them to have success in achieving not just great technique, but the benefits the swing offers.


Back in 2002 a coach I was interning with told me to look into this strange new training tool called a kettlebell. I had never heard of this tool and upon looking it up online, found nothing that jumped at me as particularly special. However, my mentor was insistent that the kettlebell was going to change fitness and performance training so I dove in. Upon getting my first couple of kettlebells I immediately saw why my teacher was so excited about this old form of training that had come back!

The solutions the kettlebell offered and the bigger world of training that could be achieved is what got me so excited about kettlebell training. Immediately, I signed up for one of the first few kettlebell certifications that was being offered. What sold me wasn’t the novelty of any particular movements, or the story of the kettlebell. Instead, hearing how the kettlebell could help us teach movement more effectively had be sold!

kettlebell certification

Of all the exercises we were taught (there were many back then!) the swing stood out as something unique from what I had known from my time in many different fitness and performance programs. The special opportunities to build power, stability, and conditioning all at once was something I was excited to share with my clients and use myself.

Upon going back to my clients, I quickly learned that my clients weren’t there to learn the swing as much as to use the drill as a means of achieving their fitness goals. That meant I had to streamline my teaching methods, problem solve a wide variety of fitness levels, and be able to identify who was and wasn’t ready for the swing. Learning how to use the swing not just to perform hundreds and hundreds of repetitions, but as part of a bigger training program became more essential.


Fast forward 20 years and having taught kettlebells to general fitness clients and athletes, I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach these ideas to coaches around the world, instructors for the U.S. Marines, Division I strength & conditioning programs, and have our ideas published in textbooks like “Rehabilitation Of The Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach”, we want to bring these ideas to you! That is why our PKM swing course is designed to deliver on every aspect of teaching, problem solving, and programming the swing in the most effective manner.

kettlebell swings

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