Sand Filler Bags


You can choose to add stability or weight by using additional Ultimate Sandbag Filler Bags. All our Ultimate Sandbag Fillers are available to purchase separately and do not come with outer shells. Our Ultimate Sandbag Fillers currently come in two sizes so that you can quickly and conveniently change the weight of your Ultimate Sandbag. Our fillers are specifically designed for our Ultimate Sandbag outer shells to contain the sand inside and prevent any leakage form occurring.



5-20 Pound Filler

  • Loadable from 5 to 20 pounds
  • This size filler will fit perfectly into our Core, Power, and Kick Starter outer shells
  • The Core Package can hold one twenty pound filler
  • The Power & Kick Starter Packages can hold two twenty pound fillers
  • Sand fillers can not hold water

20-40 Pound Filler

  • Loadable from 20-40 pounds
  • This size filler will fit perfectly with our Force, Strength and Burly outer shells
  • The Force Package can hold one forty pound filler
  • The Strength Package can hold two forty pound fillers
  • The Burly Package can hold up to four forty pound fillers
  • Will not fit inside our Core, Kick Starter or Power outer shells
  • Sand fillers can not hold water

Please note: Fillers and or Ultimate Sandbags Packages DO NOT ship with sand or water

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

5-20 lbs, 20-40 lbs, 4 Pack 5-20 lbs, 4 pack 20-40 lbs


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