Solving the Group Fitness Model-Webinar


Group fitness has gone from outdoor bootcamps and aerobics classes to a format that almost every gym offers. While a group training model can be so effective and beneficial to the coach and client alike However, many struggle to achieve these benefits because as fast as group fitness has become a popular choice, sadly, our programming hasn’t evolved nearly as quickly. That is why in this webinar we are going to cover the following…

-Why should you be using a group training model

-What are the considerations you should be aware of in constructing an effective group fitness program

-How much space do you need? What type of equipment should you focus upon? How many people should you have in your program?

-Discover the common coaching mistakes and how to avoid them

-Are you using the wrong strength training model for your group class



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For many years group fitness was seen as a much lower form of training that was only reserved for aerobics classes or bodyweight outdoor bootcamps. Now almost every gym has some form of group training, but as fast as the popularity of group fitness has developed our coaching of them hasn’t reached the same levels.
Coaching groups requires a higher level, not a lower level of coaching. Being prepared, considering all the variables that group training creates, and understanding how to deliver a great and personalized experience is key. Find out in this webinar all those answers so that you can have a group program that offers a solution for coaches and clients alike.
If you are thinking about starting a group training program, if you are tired of feeling like your existing group fitness is falling short in delivering results, or if you have a successful group fitness class, but want to see how you take it to another level, this webinar is for you!
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