The Glute Training Truth Webinar



Glute training is incredibly popular, as it should be! Good glute training can allow us to be less likely to have low back and knee issues, we can demonstrate greater power and strength, plus it often falls in line with many cosmetic goals as well. As popular as glute training is in fitness, it is pretty surprising that it is so severely misunderstood in the industry. Most of the practices you see online don’t actually reflect what the research tells us are the best ways to train the glutes.

glute training

The glutes are one of the hardest working muscle groups because they perform so many jobs at once. That means our glute training workouts have to reflect the way these muscles work in real world movement, not just how much we “feel” the glutes working. In fact, very recent research has shown that how much you feel a muscle working doesn’t reflect how much growth or strength the muscle actually develops (we actually go over this in the webinar).

If you think you know glute training, this webinar is going to surprise you! For example, if you think hip thrusts are the best ways to train the glutes, A LOT of research is going to tell you that is not true. So, what is? When you listen to physical therapist, Jessica Bento and strength coach, Josh Henkin, explain the science and then how we bring it to our training, you will have a whole new level of understanding about glute training!

Don’t miss a great opportunity to really understand the science of glute training and how it impacts everything you will do in your workouts. Discover why so much of what you have seen on the internet is NOT the best way to get the glutes strong and resilient!

glute training