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The Resiliency & Power Summit downloadable video is over 5 hours of lecture and hands on content which includes some of the top industry leaders in nutrition, strength & conditioning.

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The first ever Resiliency & Power Summit was held back in October 2019 at Results Fitness University and great news!  We were able to video the entire summit so that you can take part in some of the most current content focused on nutrition, strength & conditioning. Over five hours of lecture and hands on as if you had attended the live event!

Speakers Include: 

Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CSCS, CEDRD-S: Dieting and Weight Loss: Are We Helping or Harming?

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-Discover the science that shows 95% of any diet is NOT going to lead to long-term weight loss.

-Understand how many fitness programs actually develop disordered eating tendencies and can cause serious metabolic damage.

-Learn how to develop habits and attitudes that truly impact how we feel, our health, and how we perform.

-Find out how many fitness professionals have and promote disordered eating habits.

Josh Henkin, CSCS: Evolving Functional Fitness: True 3-D Strength Training.

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-Discover why most strength training programs fail due to their focus on load as a primary training variable.

-Learn how research points to true real world strength being far more multi-faceted than just force production.

-Understand why the planes of motion are so critical to building strength and how we develop a system of progressions for long-term success.

-Find out how most popular gym exercises are far too one dimensional to create the diverse strength demands of life and sport!

Brandon Marcello, PhD: Seeking Stability: Understanding, Determining, & Programming Stability for Enhanced Performance.

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-Debunk many popular stability myths that result in creating exercises that don’t represent stability training.

-Understand what true stability means and how to develop movements that reflect the science of stability training.

-Learn how to analyze if an exercise is truly improving stability or is more of an novelty act.

-Find out why unstable surfaces and exercises that make you shake aren’t representative of true stability training.

Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS: Beyond the Obstacles: Strength Training for Obstacle Course Training Success.

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-Learn how Alwyn’s work with the Obstacle Course Racing Olympic has helped define how we approach the multi-faceted needs of athletes.

-Discover how to develop programs that address the proper energy system training, strength, and corrective work need to excel.

-Understand how to simply periodize your programs to enhance performance and facilitate recovery.

-Learn how to create exercises that develop multiple functional fitness qualities at once and give a great “bang for the buck”