The Science of Breath Training: Keys For Greater Health, Stress Management, Movement Skills & Emotional Well-Being

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This is a very special educational program for us! For the first time we delve DEEP into why so many people struggle in achieving their fitness goals and what the REAL challenges are that face so many people in being consistent, reducing aches/pains, improving their mobility, and greatly increasing their recovery. How breath work used in practical and dynamic ways can be a very powerful way to enhance the effectiveness and even adherence to any fitness program.


We wanted to present so much real world information combined with the great deal of research to help anyone see how they can help manage chronic pain, actually change behaviors around nutritional habits, improve their sleep, control the stress in their lives, and so much more!


Not only do we give you the science, but we break down over 40 drills that will teach you how to easily implement these concepts into your daily life and your training programs as well. These 6 webinars will help you…


✓Improve overall mobility through the emphasis of fascial lines that connect our entire body.
✓Increase core stability, balance/stability, and overall movement skills as well as body awareness.
✓Learn how manage the many life stressors and how that impacts our nutritional behavior and ability to be consistent in your training.
✓Decrease the impact of chronic pain on daily life.

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In 2019 I was heading out to LA to get a revision done on a neck surgery that went very badly. The effort to manage my aggressive degenerative disease actually made things MUCH worse and now I was going to get the biggest surgery of my life. It was necessary, but going to challenge so much of what I knew about my life.

The pain following surgery had me in a very bad state. In the SLIGHTEST movements would cause a tear to come down my face the pain was so high. I didn’t know what the rest of my life was going to be like physically and I could already realize the impact to me emotionally was just as high if not greater!

With pain doctors out of ways to help me as I was already on plenty of medications, I knew that if I wanted to regain my life it was going to be up to myself.

That’s when I started to really study ancient movement systems of yoga, qigong, and tai chi. It wasn’t just the exercises or drills, but the why’s to a much bigger world of thinking and looking at movement and our well-being. Each of these systems started with the concept of deliberate breath work.

breath work

To be honest, I had become skeptical of breath work training up to this point. It wasn’t new to me, but it seemed everyone in the fitness industry was making breath the root of all issues. I believed that was a HUGE oversimplification of things and started to ignore much of the marketing of breath work.

However, in the context of these old systems, it made a lot of sense. It wasn’t the ONLY thing that matter, but it played a big part of things like…

-Centering our minds so we could become better aware of our thoughts and feelings leading us to realize how much of our life stressors were of our own making and seeing if we could have a different relationship with our emotions.

-Relaxing our body, the role of getting the body to relax with breath is well documented by activating more of the parasympathetic nervous system but we miss a bigger point. That is the body and mind are connected, a body that is tense can create a tense mind and a tense mind can create a tense body.

breath work

-With greater mindfulness we start to see how what drives our actions and with this new awareness begin to make better decisions both in our fitness activities (like nutrition, sleep, and even movement) as well as the other areas of our life.

-Start to realize when we practice movement we can turn down the “brakes” of our body and allow more effortless movement to occur. This means improved mobility, stability, energy, and less of the chronic aches/pains that many people experience.

I know that may sound like the overhyped marketing I was referring to (actually that marketing hype I was referring to was WAY more aggressive), but this is rooted in A LOT of research, not just ancient practices.

My own experience to having my pain doctors now in utter shock with my functionality and on almost no medication was proof to me this worked and I knew if this could work as well for someone like myself, I wanted to share this with anyone that needed help. Especially because when it comes to breath work it seems like people have overly complicated the practice and actually ended up discouraging the power of simple practices.

However, the actual breath is only part of the equation. Breath work is really amplified when we add movement to  our efforts. That is why the Myofacial Integrated Movement Breath Course that we have put together isn’t JUST about breath. Using movement can help people learn better breathing techniques but also help greatly enhance our efforts to greater mobility, stability, balance, and overall body awareness.

breath work

The best part is that physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and I created this program not from the stand point of you wanting to become a yogi, tai chi master, or qigong expert. Rather, as a fitness professional or someone that wants to improve your health and fitness making these strategies as part of your workouts, how could you easily implement these concepts.

That is we break down a lot of the why’s from the literature, we have to understand the true problems we are trying to solve, then we get into the proven methods and common myths that keep people from getting results, finally we get into over 40 drills that we coach for the foundations of learning the most important concepts of breath and movement.

Overall we know this is THE most unique education program we have done to date, but we also believe it could be the MOST impactful not to your fitness goals, but your overall health and well-being. We really hope you will take time to check out this very special program!


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    This training package has demonstrated how important breathing is in overall well being. DVRT has made it so easy to download and use the package with ease.

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