Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package


Our Ultimate Sandbag Burly Packages come with our unique durable, non-abrasive, and easy to clean outer shell available in black or camouflage and three, forty pound filler bags. Each Ultimate Sandbag Package comes with a DVRT training DVD, instructional booklet and wall chart poster.

  • Comes with one Outer Burly Shell
  • Loadable from 80-150 pounds
  • Comes with three 20-40 pound fillers*
  • Sand or water options available via the drop down, when purchasing any water system you automatically receive the sand fillers too!



For those who really want a heavy duty workout, the best sandbag training equipment for you would be something a bit bigger. The Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package comes with a unique, durable, non-abrasive, and easy to clean out shell—available in either black or camouflage.  The sandbag workout equipment comes with three 40-pound filler bags, DVRT training DVD, instructional booklet, and wall chart poster. This sandbag training package would best suit those who want a heavy gym workout, with barbell type complex lifts.


  • Comes with one Outer Burly Shell (27Lx 13W), & three 20-40 pound fillers 
  • Loadable from 80-150 pounds
  • Available in black and camo
  • Sand and water systems available, with water system loadable up to 120 pounds
  • Three 40 pound sand fillers with purchase of water system
  • Does not ship with sand or water
  • Recommended Loading Weights: Beginners: 80 pounds, Intermediate: 100 pounds, Advanced: 120 pounds recommended

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Weight 15 lbs


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