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Punching Power Workout

Punching Power Ultimate Sandbag Training Workout

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It is probably the coolest thing to do! When you get it just right it makes you feel pretty amazing! 

That is learning how to produce rotational strength and power! 

If you have ever seen someone throw that knockout punch, just nail the ball from the tee, or blast that home run, you have seen this rotational power for yourself. 

However, it is probably the missing component to so many fitness programs, it really makes no sense!

A lot of people think of rotational training as just turning the body. 

Look at his abs, how could twisting be “wrong”? 

You have to understand how the body works. If we look, we have your low back and your hips. Your hips are a ball and socket joint, that means it can move a lot! The low back though is sitting on top of the hips (not literally) because it doesn’t have a lot of rotation. Don’t believe me? Try to throw a punch without twisting through your hips and then throw a punch with pivoting though your hips. Big difference? 

You don’t have to looking to knock someone out to benefit from rotational training. Recent Master’s Champion, Jordan Speith, knows exactly what we mean!

The simple message is, if you want to be strong and powerful in the real world you have to learn the concepts of rotation. Oh, did I mention it will SAVE your low back too?!

If it is so good why don’t more people perform rotational training? Well, it is actually quite humbling because many people are not really use to moving athletically in the gym. We talk about functional fitness, but most don’t really adhere to how the body naturally moves. Rotation requires us to move our feet more and this can often expose weaknesses in coordination, mobility, and real world strength. 

It all begins with something pretty easy, “squishing the bug”. This simple cue begins the process of learning how to create proper rotation. 

ultimate sandbag training


Mastering this relatively act, opens a big door to functional movement and progressing rotational exercises. Now, HOW we progress and teach rotational training is so important. That is why today I wanted to outline for you some of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions that make sure you are not just successful, but safe as well. Let’s face it, a lot of people perform rotational training WRONG! That can not just hurt your performance, but your low back huge! 

The nice thing is that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training gives us a lot of ways to work into rotational training without putting our ego or back in a bad position. When you work through these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions, do so slowly. Pick one or take your time going through this great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout like it is a practice on the course, field, court, or how we would approach any athletic skill. The biggest mistake is that most people try to go too fast! Take your time and experience why rotational training is so great and wonder why you haven’t been using it more so in your training!

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