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Q & A About Upcoming Shoulder Health MasterClass

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It is hard to believe we aren’t quite into 2024 yet and we are already going full steam ahead with new DVRT programs to help make this next year, the best one yet! We are already seeing such great enthusiasm for our online Shoulder Health Masterclass that we will be starting January 18th. With that excitement, we have had a lot of questions come along so I thought we would take a moment to address the most common questions about this great upcoming program.

Q: Do I have to make each session and what happens if I miss one?

A: We realize making a schedule that can fit literally everyone in the world is impossible. We are starting the 18th of January at 3pm EST. During the first week we will take a poll to see what days and times accommodate the most amount of people (we have to go by majority). So, if you want a specific day and time, please make sure to let us know and vote on any polls.

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The reality is that people may not be able to attend all of the live sessions. We have already planned for that where you will be sent the recording of all the lessons that will always be available to you any time. Additionally, we will set-up a Facebook group that allows you to interact and ask questions if you were unable to attend a session.

You are also always welcome to email us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com if you want to make sure we address questions and concerns you may be having for any of the upcoming classes. We can also address questions and give feedback in the Facebook group.

Q: How long will each lesson be?

A: We have found asking people to commit more than an hour at a time is difficult. We realize how many commitments people have and want this to be a fun and beneficial experience for everyone. So, we are going to have the lessons run for an hour at a time. HOWEVER, we will be on each session about 15 minutes early if you want to ask questions about the material covered and we will spend up to an additional 30 minutes afterwards answering any questions. If you can’t stay for the questions, we will have these as part of the recording as well.

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Q: Can I earn CEU’s with this class?

A: Yes, you can earn up to .8 (8 contact hours even though it is technically 6 one hour sessions it is how the formatting works out) for NASM. You can email us at info@utlimatesandbagtraining.com with any questions in regards or help receiving those CEUs once the class is completed.

Q: What equipment will I need?

A: We are going to use a wide array of tools and every tool will be used for a specific purpose. This will include kettlebells, superbands, mini bands, suspension trainers, and Ultimate Sandbags. If you find that you do not have one piece of equipment we can give you feedback on possible alternatives, but you will find out the tools REALLY matter and Perform Better is kind enough to give a discount code for anyone interested in adding to their gym that we will provide as well.

This will be a VERY unique experience where you will get to work directly with us and find the most beneficial concepts and drills from screens to corrective exercises to strength and power drills. Don’t miss our greatly early bird happening now HERE

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