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What Real Core Training Looks Like

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It is probably the BIGGEST problem I see when people are training for real core strength. They believe they are doing all the right exercises, after all their core training FEELS really hard so it must be good right?

Well, just going off feeling isn’t the whole story, you really need to understand the BIGGER purpose of great core training. Really, we can summarize core training in two concepts.

  1. Teaching your body how to resist movement of the trunk as you are in motion. A lot of people can do so on the ground, but ask them to do it in more dynamic ways and they simply can not prevent movement in their trunk.
  2. How to integrate the lower body, trunk, and upper body is what we are trying to achieve with core training. It is the connection of chains of our body that allows us to develop seamless movement and strength that makes us look as good out of the gym as we do in it!

That is a big reason we brought back our Ultimate Core Strap to our DVRT core training. The feedback and resistance in new angles we can achieve with such progressions allows us to challenge the body in the ways we actually move.

The result? When you hit the RIGHT types of core training you instantly notice everything in your lifting gets easier. You feel stronger because you are moving better and more efficiently. Most of all, you are awakening muscles that typically can’t be trained in even most of the popular functional fitness programs today. If you don’t believe me follow some of the creative ways our DVRT Masters our Ultimate Core Strap to build a whole new level of core training and strength!

Moving in ways that we do in life allows us to build not just a better looking body, but one that WORKS better too! We can use these ideas of core training to also build feedback and teach the most important concept of all. To be able to move in one direction while being strong in another!