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Real Hero Strength Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag training

Real Hero Strength

DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn, (Creator of DVRT Obstacle Race Domination)

When I first got into the fire academy one my favorite exercises to do in the gym was weight vested box step-ups to keep my endurance up. This is also apart of the CPAT (California Physical Agility Test) for fire academy candidates climbing a stair master for three minutes without touching the rails. I constantly challenged myself with more and more load, but after learning about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, I now consider HOW the load is positioned. Why?

Dumbbells are static, so from a firefighter standpoint they’re worthless when the training crosses over in the field. “Firefighters are the jacks of all trades, and you better know you’re shit when chaos strikes” my fire 40+year L.A County captain would always say.

Firefighters are constantly under unstable loads with high pressure hoses, extension ladders, forcible entry tools, slippy wet ground with hose lines everywhere. So mental focus in these emergency situations can deteriorate  over time due to these stressful environments. So Ultimate Sandbag Training is the best training tool for firefighters.

It’s instantly recognizable for any firefighter who does Ultimate Sandbag Training when they first shoulder or suitcase (as you see me performing in the video) like a hose pack or heavy tool. Strength is always great, but to enable posture with offset bilateral unstable loads into a firefighter’s fitness program will give greater performance, core stability, and career longevity without injury to the low back in the field, making sure they go home safely when the job is done.

On a great side note, after I posted my video on my Facebook page, DVRT firefighter Jordan Ponder commented on something I didn’t even realize:

“What’s great is that you are stepping up on the tire which provides an altered surface of support very reminiscent to the irregular surfaces we have to work on as firefighters. This also helps train neuromuscular coordination reducing the opportunities for slips and falls, the second leading cause of firefighter injuries!”

You don’t have to be a firefighter to benefit from these ideas. It is a type of fitness that we should all be striving to achieve as real life is so far from perfect too! Try this workout and I know that you will start to gain a greater appreciation for how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training makes you real world strong!

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