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Why These Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Are Key For Fat Loss

sandbag exercises

Let’s face it, fat loss is a major part of 99.4% (yup .6% don’t care) of fitness programs. Even those with a performance side tend to also care about fat loss. Holding onto extra body fat doesn’t really help health or performance. So, why do Ultimate Sandbag exercises offer us anything unique?

The most obvious is that Ultimate Sandbag exercises have an instability component. No, not the crazy, I can barely balance feel. Rather, yea, that no two reps are the same feeling. Just enough to notice that technique has to be on point and you use more muscles on every rep.

What is less obvious to many, is that Ultimate Sandbag exercises allow us to create such unique movements we get so much done in one exercise. Moving the Ultimate Sandbag in so many different ways hits our body in ways we can build strength, stability, mobility, and yes, burn a lot of calories!

Of course this NEVER happens in strength training right (wink, wink)? You may not think so because you try to add more weight, or add more reps to your fat loss workouts so you aren’t doing necessarily the same thing every time. Well, here is the problem with the heavy emphasis we place on increasing reps or weight, they become very limiting very fast! If they weren’t, you would have people lifting literally thousands of pounds of weight and able to do hundreds of repetitions with an exercise. Finding either to be true is definitely the rarity. That tells us that there HAS to be other ways to stimulate greater fat loss and inefficiency may be our best friend!

Why Inefficiency?

Before we get too far, there is a difference between what I am calling “inefficiency” versus performing random exercises. How? Inefficiency is actually a means in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system of taking an exercise we have built proficiency in performing and adding a small element to challenge the movement. Sure, it could be load, or volume, but there are some other powerful and very useful means in creating this efficiency.

Why don’t we just do different exercises if we want inefficiency? The truth is that some proficiency has to be possessed so we can deal with these new challenges to the exercise. If we keep doing random movements where we do not have the skills then there is too much of a neurological adaptation that has to occur before we can really apply these other concepts. In other words, we can’t produce or resist enough force to really change our fitness.

How Does It Work? 

While some of you may think that such thinking actually complicates things, it actually helps simplify them. Let’s look at how you can easily apply these concepts to a workout.

We generally want to start with the most complex movements FIRST so if we are going to do any single leg, or split stance exercises we want those early on. That obviously for many means using different lunge variations. For lunges we can think of them in the following terms.

Direction of Lunge Holding Position of Lunge Exercise
Reverse Front Load Front Load Up Downs
Lateral  Inside Shoulder Lateral Shoulder Lunge
Forward Rotating MAX Forward Lunge

If you just selected ONE of these each workout you would be adhering to our idea of creating inefficiency. Each style of lunge creates a unique challenge and therefore not only waves the intensity through the week, but helps us challenge different fitness qualities.

How does this work with some other movements? Check out how easy it can be.


Vertical/Horizontal Body Position Plane of Motion Emphasis Exercise
Horizontal Plank Sagittal Push-ups
Vertical Sprinter Stance Sagittal/Frontal Sprinter Stance Overhead Press
Vertical  Tall Kneeling Sagittal/Frontal Tall Kneeling Arc Press
Horizontal Plank Sagittal/Transverse Lateral Drags


Holding Position Body Position Exercise
Goblet Bilateral Squat Goblet Squat
Front Loaded Lateral Slide Front Loaded Lateral Squat
Shoulder Sprinter Stance Shoulder Sprinter Squat
Press Out Single Leg Press Out Pistol


Vertical/Horizontal Body Position Plane of Motion Emphasis Exercise
Vertical Plank Sagittal Pull-up/chin-up
Horizontal Sprinter Hinge Sagittal/Transverse/Frontal Sprinter Stance Rows
Vertical Half Kneeling Sagittal/Frontal Single Arm Half Kneeling Pulldown
Horizontal Hinge Sagittal/Transverse Alternating Bent Row

As you can see, this allows you variety, but that with great purpose! Fat loss expert, Alwyn Cosgrove, calls it “Metabolic Disturbance”. Basically where your metabolism is greatly raised HOURS after turning. That is one of the big benefits of higher intensity training versus the aerobic base training. Your traditional “cardio” method will burn calories, but the metabolism is not really raised any significant time after the training.  

Strength Coach, Robert Dos Remedios, often says “training is rocket science, but it is science!” Using some simple concepts can make your training way more effective and fun! Try constructing some workouts JUST by picking from these lists or try our DVRT Workouts HERE for 30% with coupon code “newyear”. That means last chances to get our NEW Metabolic Resistance 80 workout program for a special time!