Rehabilitation with Ultimate Sandbag Training

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A staggering two thirds of Americans experience low back pain and an even staggering 37% percent of people to not seek professional help for pain relief according to the American Physical Therapy Association.

Rehabilitation With DVRT™
 and The Ultimate Sandbag

Restore Movement, Function, & Quality of Life with Ultimate Sandbag Training!

Most people will experience low back pain, knee pain and other aches and pains over their lifetimes, but many people don’t realize they can prevent or treat their condition with adding in the correct strengthening and mobility program in to their regular fitness routine.

By no means is this a replacement for seeking medical advice and treatment but a means to focus on your body and be sure you are keeping it as healthy, mobile and strong as it was meant to be. You will be surprised how effective Ultimate Sandbag Training is for building a better body because it is designed by coaches and therapists!

At DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we wanted to be sure to incorporate some of the best restorative exercises to get you feeling your best and to make sure those aches and pains keep at bay and they don’t interfere in your daily life and routine.

The Ultimate Sandbag is perfect for restorative and rehabilitation work in the way that it allows for real life movement training. With the unique movement of the Ultimate Sandbag we can improve core strength and the smaller stabilizers of your joints to actually get you moving better faster and improving your fitness in ways that are completely unexpected.

Designed by physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and international fitness coach, Josh Henkin, the DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag are designed to meet your goals and needs no matter what aches and pains your body might be experiencing.

There is a reason that the DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag are the tool of choice for rehabilitation clinics, sports teams, military/fire departments, as well as some of the top fitness facilities in over 80 countries worldwide. Our dedication to giving you the best training experience you have ever had is our number one goal.

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Core Package

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 Power Package Sandbag

Power Package

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What Our Rehabilitation Users Are Saying

“DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is a different level, I LOVE this style of training because it helped me to understand more how to make my clients and athletes movements and performance better in different planes of motion by challenging their stability and mobility. If you CARE about yourself and your clients you should take this course.” 


Ara Keshishian Siraki ~ Personal Trainer, Southern California 

“I had the opportunity to attend Josh and Jessica’s Restoration Class here at Elite Sport & Spine. I have used the Ultimate Sandbags in my own training and was very excited to learn more about the benefits of using Ultimate Sandbags in my daily training and for my clients. This class taught me the importance of functional movement and how to move my body more effectively and efficiently. I have learned that overwhelming the nervous system can lead us to regress in our training instead of progress. This class gave me a better understanding that improving movement is more than a function of adding load and to always work from a baseline of movement patterns from very stable to more unstable positions.” 


~Joyce Leslie, personal Trainer out of Seattle, WA 

“I absolutely loved the DVRT Restoration Course. It was so well organized and thorough, in the way it was delivered and laid out. This course did an amazing job in ‘bridging the gap’ which is the buzz trend at the moment to the rehab world and the strength world. But here’s the thing. It is all about moving well and with purpose and in doing so, the strength, will come and the imbalances will correct. It was a humbling experience and the best way. This education, when applied, does and will make you stronger in life and in performance. I was honored to be a part of the program and would love to experience it again and again. This course is rich with nuggets. Josh has a way of communicating the information, so that all and any level, can absorb it and quickly go and apply it. Awesome course!! I would recommend this for any clinician and coach/trainers!!” 


Elizabeth Andrews~ Personal Trainer for Elite Sport and Spine

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