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Sandbag Exercises You MUST Do!

I’ve really made it a mantra of DVRT, “you don’t have to perform any one exercise, you have to perform the RIGHT exercise for you!” That sometimes gets misinterpreted that we aren’t striving for anything specific, that’s not the case at all!

I WANT to get people to great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises like MAX Lunge, Clean and Press, Tornados, and so much more. The point of my statement above is that you may not START there and trying to do jus the “sexy” drill could lead you to get discouraged and slow down your progress.

Does this mean that if you aren’t doing the exercise we are aiming for you aren’t strong, in good shape, blah, blah, blah? You can probably tell by my tone that not doing the “cool” exercise doesn’t mean anything, it PROBABLY means you are smart in how you are approaching your fitness!

A great example is our MAX Lunge. It is just SOOOOOO good! I don’t say that because it is an exercise I came up with, but of all our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises it is hard to find one that encompasses SO many benefits and can be built upon so many different levels.

sandbag exercises

What makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises like the MAX Lunge so good? Funny enough the things that people struggle with are exactly why they need to focus on it more. Great functional fitness concepts like the following are really emphasized….

-Anti-rotational strength: People often don’t have the ability to resist rotation during this drill and you see it in the inability to not let the hips rotate.

-Diagonal patterning: Even if we go slow we start to train the natural diagonal patterns and chains of the body. Often people are so out of touch with their bodies they don’t realize how their strength doesn’t relate to the real world and why they keep getting hurt. This simple strategy can go a long way.

-Lower Leg and Hip power: While we live in an age where a lot of people want to lay on the ground to work their glutes (not sure why) our body has specific patterns to deal with more walking and running like patterns which lunging is probably one of the best means of training these ideas. Not to mention we have the training of the deceleration as well as acceleration which is important for back health as well.

Okay, I could keep going, but the REAL reason I am writing this is because DVRT Masters, Elizabeth Andrews and Ian Vaugh, did a kick butt video on how to properly execute the MAX Lunge which may change how you look at many DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises and the purpose behind them. So, I’ll shut up now because this video is SOOOO good! But if you want more don’t forget to check out our upcoming DVRT Educational programs HERE or 25% off our DVRT programs with coupon code “vday” HERE.