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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts with Drop Sets

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I’ll admit it, I’ve been very hard on bodybuilding. Not because I think it can’t work, or that it is the most terrible thing since the last Green Lantern movie. Rather, it is because for the VAST majority amount of people it is a very inefficient way to train. Especially if your goal is to do more for your fitness than build muscle. Imagine, if I told you that our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can build great lean muscle BUT also improve the way you move and your endurance isn’t that better?

That is the question we often don’t ask ourselves, we usually ask, “is this good or bad?” When we REALLY should be asking what is better? Funny enough, we can use some bodybuilding concepts in functional training. I know that might sound like a contradiction, but taking a concept doesn’t mean using the entire philosophy.

Most of us that have worked out actually started with bodybuilding. Whether it was our goal to look like AHrnold (misspelling has to do with the accent), or that is all we knew what to do in the gym. One of my goal with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts is to show people that they have a choice of how they can spend their time in the gym. After all, the BIGGEST reason is to ask about better is because time is the biggest limiting factor for so many of us. 

sandbag workouts

One concept that I held onto the years and use quite a bit is the idea of drop sets. I joke that is was Weider Principle #38, but it was something that bodybuilders used quite a bit. A simple method to still build the total amount of volume they used as they became fatigued. Chances are that many of you have used this method at one time or another and may or may not have even known its origin. Very simply, you begin with one weight and perform a certain number of repetitions, as you fatigue you move right to a lighter series of weights for another specified number of repetitions, and repeat one more time.

Does this work for building muscle? Sure! Can you use it all the time, probably not. However, I have found ways that this method really lends itself well to our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. Why does the idea of drop sets work so well for Ultimate Sandbag workout programs? For those that have been following how we recommend constructing your Ultimate Sandbag workouts, you aren’t going to be changing the actual weight very often. In order to make your Ultimate Sandbag workouts harder or easier, you are more likely to change how you hold or stand within your Ultimate Sandbag workout. This makes a perfect formula for using drop sets! Confused? Let me show you some examples of some very easy Ultimate Sandbag workout programs that show how we move from holding position in the first series and then body position in the second of our Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

Ultimate Sandbag Workout 1: Changing Holding Position:

-Right Shoulder Squat x 10 Repetitions: Set 1

-Left Shoulder Squat x 10 Repetitions: Set 2

-Front Hold Squat x 10 Repetitions: Set 3

-Bear Hug Squat x 10 Repetitions: Set 4

How we can manipulate the squat in our Ultimate Sandbag workouts by changing holding position and how even holding positions that look the same with kettlebells too can feel dramatically different!

Ultimate Sandbag Workout 2: Changing Body Position:

-Half Kneeling Right Foot Lead Overhead Press x 5 repetitions: Set 1

-Half Kneeling Left Foot Lead Overhead Press x 5 repetitions: Set 2

-Kneeling Overhead Press x 5 repetitions: Set 3

-Military Overhead Press x 5 repetitions: Set 4

These DVRT concepts make Ultimate Sandbag workouts so flexible, make us better, give us purposeful progression, and answers the elephant in the room when it comes to solving the ONE big program of Ultimate Sandbag workouts…how do you change the load? People ask me this all the time and to be honest, we don’t change the weight too much and that makes people think they need WAY more equipment. The truth is when you follow these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts you find out you don’t need AS much equipment. Doing more with less and getting a better result is one of the best things I love about what we are teaching in these Ultimate Sandbag workouts.
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